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Light & sound science experiments

Just head to the shops and pick up the materials!

Use these free light & sound science experiments to support your classroom teaching or simply just a fun science activity for the kids on the weekend!
  • Common question kids have
  • Learn about Rayleigh scattering

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  • Simply demo waves in class!
  • Highly visual & easy to do

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  • Discover how colour works
  • Great for young and old kids

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  • Spin rainbows to white
  • Learn about colour addition

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  • Learn about fluorescence
  • Quick to put together!

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  • Colour & light kits for class & home
  • Fun science materials!

    light science kits for sale
  • No red light, no work!
  • Learn light fundamentals

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  • Faster = higher pitch
  • Primary science experiment

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  • Split the light spectrum
  • Simple science with adult help

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  • Learn how waves form
  • Understand sound & light

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  • Pour light out of a bottle
  • Demonstrates how optic fibre works

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  • Surprisingly "loud" experiment
  • Sound transfer demonstration

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  • Amplify underwater sounds
  • So easy to do!

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  • Spread light out
  • Simple lens experiment

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  • Investigate vibrations
  • So much fun to do!

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  • An awesome sound effect!
  • Classic vibrations

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School Science Visits: 

  • Highly engaging & curriculum-linked
  • Additional Teacher Support Resources
  • Professional visits in-class or via video conference
  • Both Primary School & High School science incursions
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