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The Mobius Strip Paper with one side

You will need:

  • 1 piece of paper
  • Scissors
  • A felt tip pen and sticky Tape


1. Cut the paper lengthwise, making a 5cm wide strip of paper.

2. Give the paper a half twist (180 degrees) and join the ends together with sticky tape.

3. Draw a line along the centre of the strip... keep going all the way around the paper.

4. Where did you end up?

4. Try cutting along the line you made... what happens?

Mobius strip

Why Does This Happen?

Shapes are described in a branch of mathematics called Topology. By twisting the paper you created a shape that has one continuous side. Cutting the strip lengthways made a long chain, where there was still only one side! Try twisting the paper in even and odd numbers - does a pattern emerge?

The Mobius strip was discovered in 1858 by August Ferdinand Mobius.
Find out more about weird shapes such as the Klein Bottle!
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