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Welcome to our online science store. For your security and peace of mind all postage is registered through Australia Post and is a flat rate of $12 inc. GST throughout Australia. Delivery times are dependant on your location. International orders please contact us prior to ordering.

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Australian fossil find kit
Australian Fossil Find by Discover Science: Become a Paleontologist!. Code 75412

Use techniques used in fossil excavation to uncover your own fossil replica in plaster!
The kit contains 1 of 3 different fossil replicas you can collect; an obduradon (ancient platypus), a marsupial lion or Thylacine. Contains a plaster block, digging tool, brush and instructions, as well as a booklet on Australian fossils.

For children aged 7 and up. Avoid inhaling gypsum powder.
Australian Dinosaur Hatching Egg. Code AUSEGG04D

The amazing growing eggs are now available in Australian Dinosaur designs!! Place the Egg in a tub of water and it will start   to hatch within  24hrs and continue to grow for up to 14 days!  Each Australian Dinosaur egg is presented in new premium gift box packaging that includes an information sheet and a bonus 3D sticker! This product has been developed in collaboration with the "Australian Age of Dinosaurs" - Australia's leading authority on Australian Dinosaurs. Royalties from sales support the discovery and ongoing conservation of Australian Dinosaurs. Designs of the dinosaurs vary - which one will you unearth? Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under
For children aged 4 and up.

Bouncing Bubbles:Catch them!
Code IS1039

Catch these super strong bubbles in your hand! Wearing the glove allows you not to break the surface tension of the bubble; you can even bounce them on your hand!
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under
For children aged 4 and up.
Bonechiller Ice Cube Tray
Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray by Fred: Chilling science party fun! Code IS2925

We're just having fun! High quality silicon ice cube tray which makes skull and crossbones shaped ice cubes! Science of pirates?
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under
For children aged 4 and up.
Drinking brid toy
Drinking Bird by Arora: Classic toy that students love!
Code LF681

Investigate thermodynamics with this great little desk toy! The bird works by expansion and contraction of liquids due to temperature. A little bit of problem solving will get the bird to bob up and down into a glass of water. Works well at 25oC.
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under
For children aged 8 and up.
Electrical maze Electrical maze by Science Time: Find your through!
Code EC28501

A classic series circuit maze. You construct the coiled wire maze that you then thread a loop of wire through. If you touch the coiled wire the alarm sounds. Requires 2 x AA batteries. Out of Stock
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under.
Film viewer with periscope
Film Viewer with Periscope by Science Time: Optics made fun
Code EC28306

This kit by Science Time is designed for kids interested in simple light experiments. The contents come together to form a film viewer which can view 3 enclosed slides (1 x insect, 1 x animal and 1 x ocean). The film viewer also doubles as a periscope to look over solid objects! Out of stock
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under.
Forces of Nature Science Kit
Forces of Nature Kit by Discover Science: Volcanology for beginners. Code 75408

Make your own volcano out of plaster of paris and 'erupt' it with a simple chemical reaction.
Also, make your own tornado in a bottle with a bottle connector, you just supply the bottles.
Great fun! Contains all necessary paints, plaster, chemicals and bottle connector, as well as information on volcanos and tornados.
For children aged 8 and up.
Store out of reach of small children.
Forensic Detective Science Kit
Forensic Detective by Discover Science: Run your own 'CSI' unit. Code 75406

Covers a number of forensic techniques including chromatography, finger print analysis and taking footprint casts. Identify your own suspect! Contains necessary chemicals, blotting paper, paint brush, magnifying glass and instructions.
You will need to purchase different pen brands for the chromatography experiment.
For children aged 7 and up.
Store out of reach of small children.
Click here for a large selection of giant microbes that can be used for describing microscopic life Various
Ice attacks:Unidentified frozen objects

Waiter, there's a spaceship in my drink! Geeky ice cubes for a science party, rocket launch or anything that needs some stellar decorations. Cheers!
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under
For children aged 4 and up.
Magnet set
Magnet set: 8 piece science kit. Code TS7364

Investigate many magnetic experiments with this nifty little kit which contains 2 bar magnets, 3 ring magnets, a horseshoe magnet, 2 button magnets and some iron paperclips. It's up to you as to the experiments you run, but with 'Google' searching the possibilities are very broad!
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under.
Fill your mug with caffeine!
Mug of Caffeine: Molecular science on a cup
Code HJ2001

Tired teacher of chemistry? Bored office worker?
You might need a caffeine hit! The molecule is correct, including double and single bonds where they should be... hmmm, see if your students know why (think tetrahedral shapes!)

Your mug tribute to Charles Darwin
Mug tribute to Darwin: Charles would want this one...
Code HJ2003

Gotta love the theory of evolution; always controversial in some areas and yet strikingly obvious to many, many people in other areas. Pay tribute to the great scientist with this coffee mug (it's the least we can do!).
Mug of the periodic table
Mug of the periodic table: It's elementary....
Code HJ2000

The periodic table was first developed by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869. It's development helped chemists to predict properties of unknown elements through the periodic patterns found in elemental sub-atomic particles. Too heavy for you? Have a coffee in this mug and you'll find the patterns yourself.
Have some Pi with your coffee
Mug of Pi: A symbol for our times...
Code HJ2002

The Pi symbol is universally recognised as representing that integer that is used with circle calculations. The symbol pattern contains the order of numbers, at least to the first hundred or so. The real Pi number stretches much much further, if you're a mathematician we'd love you to let us know if the numbers are correct (we haven't the time!).
Night Scope with 7x magnification
Night Scope: View creatures of the night up and close
Code 6588

A compact torch with a beam range of 30 meters, with an adjustable 7x magnification on the eyepiece. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).
Out of Stock
For children aged 5 and up.
Paper aeroplane kit by Lagoon
Paper aeroplane kit: 20 different designs to make! Code L6313

Create 60 planes from 20 unique designs. Easy to follow instructions and designs printed on each sheet. Great for teaching flight... which design can fly the furthest? Apply Bernoulli's theory!
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under.
Platypus hand puppet
Platypus hand puppet by Science & Nature: One of Australia's monotremes. Code 75551

A great hand puppet for teaching young children about Australian wildlife.
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under
For children aged 3 and up.
POthead by Mrs Flowers
Pothead by Mrs Flowers: Grow funky grass hair! Code AB2222

A cute little flower pot with pre-planted grass seeds impregnated in the doll head. Just soak the head and the Lolium perenne will germinate in no time! If you buy 2 you will able to run simple controlled botany experiments such as light vs. dark (chlorophyll production) and more.
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under.
Super stacking tops: Stack 'em up!
Code TS6365

Gyroscopes on top of each other! Wind up the hand crank and push the bitton to release the spinning top! Can you stack all five together? Rotational inertia and more in 1 toy!
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under
For children aged 4 and up.
Space Wonder Gyroscope
Space Wonder Gyroscopeby Navir: Classic rotational toy
Code 6594

Demonstrates rotational inertia very well... i.e. the faster it spins, the harder it is to change it's 'angle of spin'. Great for classroom discussion on centripetal forces and conservation of angular momentum as well!

For children aged 5 and up.
Make your own prints using a chemical reaction
Sunprint Kit by Lawrence Hall of Science: Use the Sun to make your own art. Code SP110

This kit uses the Sun's power to make patterns for you to keep. The reactive surface is placed to allow sunlight to change it; whenever it's blocked you get a shadow.
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under.
Tank up colour change mug by Fred
Tank Up Colour Changing Mug: Fill 'er up! Code TANKUP

Colour changing mugs... we love 'em! Watch the coffee fuel gauge rise as you fill the mug with hot liquid! Based on the physical reaction of the mug's ink to heat, this is great addition to your staff room!
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under.
Telescope 15x by Navir: Great starter for young children
Code 6540

A great little portable plastic telescope by Navir.
Simple introduction to basic focussing images.
Out of Stock
Small parts: For children aged 5 and up.
Use under adult supervision.

Times Tables Sing-a-long CD
Times Tables Sing-a-long CD: Great memorisation tool.
Code LL1201

Learn your times tables using bright and bouncy rhythms and melodies that children respond to. You will hear versions of times tables using rap, reggae, rhythm, disco and more. Easy on the ears and makes early maths fun.
For children aged 3 and up
Torus mobile
Torus Mobile: A mathematics kit on science of doughnuts!
Code IK202

A torus is the mathematical term for a doughnut shaped object. This model will be 11 inches in diameter, with a sphere shaped 'rhombic dodecahedron' hanging in the centre. Instructions included. Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under. For children aged 4 and up.
Voice changer
Voice changer (Micro): Strange sounds, silly science
Code IS1003

Great fun! This unit will change your voice by modulating the frequencies of the sound waves coming from your mouth. Well, that's the science... kids like the 3 sound styles you can try; boy, robot and kid (we didn't name these!). Comes with a demonstration battery that may be weak, you will need to replace it with a fresh 12V battery (MN21/A23). Colours vary.
Choking hazard: Not suitable for children 3 years and under.

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