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Make your own biosphere

Make your own biosphere

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You will need:

A clean, transparent 2L PET bottle





Charcoal fragments

Small plants

Make your own biosphere science experiment - materials needed
1 Make your own biosphere science experiment - cutting the PET bottle

Cut the top off the PET bottle using scissors or a sharp knife.

2 Make your own biosphere science experiment - pouring in pebbles

Add a layer (about 1 cm deep) of charcoal, followed by a layer of pebbles (about 2 cm deep) and a layer of soil (about 5 cm deep).


Stick some holes in the soil and add some small plants. You could also add a layer of moss. Tape the top of the bottle back on.


Place your mini biosphere in direct sunlight and water occasionally but not too often – the water in the container should evaporate and condense on the sides of the container, creating its own water cycle.

The biosphere is a closed ecosystem...

…you just need to add sunlight and some water. The charcoal acts as a filter, purifying the water as it cycles through the system. You can also create an aquarium in a PET bottle, with water plants, rocks and some water from your local creek.

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