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“Rubber” Chicken Bones

“Rubber” Chicken Bones

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You will need:


Clean Chicken Bones

Rubber Chicken Bones Science Experiment - setupmaterials
1 Rubber Chicken Bones Science Experiment - putting chicken bone in vinegar

Soak the bones in vinegar for at least a day. The longer the better for this experiment.

2 Rubber Chicken Bones Science Experiment - chicken bone in vinegar

Leave the bones in the vinegar until it is soft and bendable. If you leave it for long enough you can even tie it into knots.


If you take the bones out of the vinegar and leave them overnight they will harden in the position that you have left them in. This happens as it reabsorbs the carbon from the carbon dioxide in the air.

Why Does This Happen?

Vinegar is acidic and bones are made of roughly 10 percent calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate forms a framework on which bone growth takes place. As the bones soaks, the calcium carbonate reacts with the acidic vinegar producing carbon dioxide gas. This gas is the bubbles coming off the bone.

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