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Bend Water

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You will need:

  • One nylon comb
  • A water tap


1 Become a Water Bender Science Experiment - charged nylon comb near tap water(1)

Turn the tap on slowly, stop when you just get a complete stream of water to flow, i.e. small flow.

2 Become a Water Bender Science Experiment - charged nylon comb near tap water(4)

Run the comb through your hair at least 10 times. Dry hair makes the experiment work better.

3 Become a Water Bender Science Experiment - charged nylon comb near tap water

Move the comb toward the stream of water. What happens to the stream?

4 Become a Water Bender Science Experiment - charged nylon comb near tap water(5)

Run the comb through your hair again and repeat the experiment. Does the stream change again?

5 A man placing his hand on a plasma globe. Energy is streaming out of the tesla coil towards his fingers

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Why Does This Happen

Rubbing an object can cause a build up an electrical charge in the object. This happens because the rubbing action can make one object pass electrons to the other. Which way the electrons travel is dependent on what materials you are rubbing together. A loss of electrons makes an object positively charged, a gain of electrons makes an object negatively charged. So your comb becomes more positive and your hair more negative!

Oppositely charged objects are attracted together. The water is attracted to the comb, so what sort of charge does the water hold? Try picking up small pieces of paper or Styrofoam balls using the comb!

A build-up of electrical charge can cause lightning.

Variables to test

More on variables here

  • Does it matter which type of comb that you use?
  • What happens if you use a metal comb instead of a plastic one?
  • Try a plastic pipe instead of a plastic comb

A man with a glove above a liquid nitrogen vapour cloud

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