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Microwave soap

Microwave soap

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You will need:

A microwave-safe bowl.

Household soap, wet soap works best. So use an old bar of soap from the shower.

Soap in the microwave science experiment - materials needed
1 Soap in the microwave science experiment - beginning the experiment

Place the bar of soap in a microwave-safe dish and zap it on high for between 30-60 seconds.

2 Soap in the microwave science experiment - soap after 35 seconds

You may need longer for low power microwaves.

3 Soap in the microwave science experiment - soap following 100 seconds

Watch as a foamy mass grows from the soap! (Careful; do not touch until the soap is cool).

Why Does This Happen?

The water inside the soap is undergoing a phase change from liquid to water vapour, and expanding. The foamy effect comes about from the expansion air bubbles trapped inside the soap. Basically by heating the soap and expanding the water and air inside, you end up with this lovely warm soapy foam.

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