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Mind Reading Card Trick

Mind Reading Card Trick

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Read the instructions carefully below

Choose one card from cards pictured…. say the cards name aloud 5 times so you won’t forget it!

We will now attempt to read your mind and remove your selected card from the card series.

In the next steps, we need you to choose a bird colour (so we can get a handle on how you think!)

Don’t forget to remember the card you chose!


Six cards lined up in a row

What is happening?

We can get away with this because of change blindness! When we focus on something, our brains are not great at picking up changes in peripheral details. Because of change blindness, we knew there was a strong chance that you’d miss the changes in the cards.

Change blindness has been used by magicians for years. However, the effect does mean that road safety can be compromised as drivers can miss changing details and potentially put themselves or others in danger. Now that you know about this effect, watch the following video and see how you go in spotting the changes (even prompted, most people miss all of them!)

Is ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) Possible?

The jury is still out that one, but lots of evidence points to it not existing.

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