Create a Milk Rainbow

Create a Milk Rainbow

Create a Milk Rainbow

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You will need:

Full-cream cow’s milk

Food Colouring

Dishwashing detergent

A saucer

Milk rainbow science experiment - ingredients needed

Pour some milk into a saucer (ignoring your cat: this is for the cause of science).


Drop four different colour drops of food colouring near the edge of the saucer.


In the centre, add one drop of dishwashing detergent.

4 Milk rainbow science experiment - colours swirling on a plate

And watch.

Why Does This Happen:

The drop of detergent reduces the surface tension of the milk at the same point where it dissolves the fat molecules in the milk. The higher surface tension of the surrounding milk pulls the surface of the milk away from this spot dragging the food dye with it.

The food dye begins to swirl as the detergent breaks down the fats within the milk, and as the fats break down the water carries the food dye to where the fats use to be filling the newly available space.

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