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Fizzy bombs

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You Will Need:

A container

A spoon

½ a cup of bicarbonate soda

Food colouring


Muffin tray or ice cube tray.

Fizzy Bombs Science Experiment - materials
1 Fizzy Bombs Science Experiment - mixed bicarb soda with food colouring

Pour bicarb soda into container, carefully mix in a few drops of food colouring at a time with a spoon until you get the desired colour. The mixture should be crumbly, and holds its shape when pressed with the spoon. If not, add a few drops of water and mix, repeat until it does.

2 Fizzy Bombs Science Experiment - put in muffin tray(1)

Fill the muffin tray or ice cube tray with the mixture, about 2/3 of the way up. Pack down with the back of the spoon.

3 Fizzy Bombs Science Experiment - Final result(1)

Leave to dry for an hour then turn out onto a plate.

4 Fizzy Bombs Science Experiment - Final result

Drip vinegar on top of the fizzy bomb or chuck one into a cup of vinegar!

What is the chemical reaction occurring here?

Vinegar + Bicarbonate Soda —> Carbonic Acid + Sodium Acetate

The carbonic acid is unstable though, so it breaks down into water and carbon dioxide forming the bubbles you see when the bicarb soda comes in contact with vinegar.

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