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Sudsy Slime

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You Will Need:

1.5 cups of hot water.

Food colouring (Optional)

1 cup of soap flakes

Electric beater or whisk

Mixing bowl

Sudsy Slime Science Experiment - setup_materials
1 Sudsy Slime Science Experiment - mixing hot water and food colouring

Pour the water and food colouring into the bowl and mix.

Add the soap flakes and mix with an electric beater on high until a thick foam is produced. This usually takes about five to ten minutes. Be careful, this foam expands exponentially.

2 Sudsy Slime Science Experiment - mixing soap flakes and hot water

Play with the soapy slime right away.

3 Sudsy Slime Science Experiment - final result

Now let it setter for a few hours, its texture will change.

How does soap turn into slime?

Whipping the hot soapy solution creates a foam, which is a colloidal dispersion of a gas in a liquid. The gas in this case is air, and the liquid is the soapy solution. The resulting soapy foam is so dense it feels slimy to the touch! A small amount can easily fill a large tub, which makes it an inexpensive way to make mountains of it for the kids to play!

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