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Balloon & nut hummer

Balloon & nut hummer

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You will need:

One Balloon

One 8mm metal nut

Balloon and nut science experiment - materials needed
1 Balloon and nut science experiment - adding a metal nut to a balloon

Insert the nut into the balloon.


Blow up the balloon and tie its end.

3 Balloon and nut science experiment - holding the balloon in one hand

Hold the balloon in one hand at the end you have tied.

4 Balloon and nut science experiment - spinning the metal nut inside the balloon

Gently swirl the balloon around in a circle.

Swirl the balloon faster and slower. What happens?

Why Does This Happen?

This experiment works due to the corners of the nut vibrating skin of the balloon. The faster the vibrations, the higher the pitch.

This experiment can also be used to demonstrate rotational inertia, whereby an object with sufficient momentum will tend to keep moving around the outside of a circle due to the centripetal motion of the spinning circle. I.e. the nut tries to escape out of the balloon in a straight line but the balloon’s shape forces it to travel around in a circle.

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