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Lovely light beam experiment

Lovely light beam experiment

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You will need:

A clear plastic bottle


A flashlight

Aluminium foil

A dark Room

Lovely light beam science experiment - materials needed
1 Lovely light beam science experiment - rolling water bottle in foil

Wrap the sides of the bottle in aluminium foil.

2 Lovely light beam science experiment - foil around water bottle cap

Fill the bottle with water and turn off the lights.

3 Lovely light beam science experiment - torch aimed at the bottom of the bottle

As you turn the bottle upside down, to pour the water out, shine the torch through the base of the bottle.

4 Lovely light beam science experiment - green laser light internal refraction within water stream

The lights shines through the water and creates a beam of light that pours from the mouth of the bottle. A stream.

Why Does This Happen?

The light is internally bouncing within the water stream. Producing a nicely focused beam of light.
Light travels through optical cables in a similar fashion, bouncing through the cables to convey information between users. This process of light bouncing within a substance as it travels is known as Total Internal Reflection.

Variables to test

More on variables here

  • What happens when you remove the aluminium foil from the bottle?
  • Try using a laser pointer with adult supervision. Does this work better than the flashlight? Why? Try different laser types.
  • How far can the water fall and still show the trapped light effect?


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