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How Many Snails Are In Your Garden?

How Many Snails Are In Your Garden?

Follow FizzicsEd 150 Science Experiments:

You will need:

  • Small tin of non-lead based white paint
  • Pen and Paper
  • Gloves (don’t handle snails with your bare hands as some snails can carry parasites)

Walk through your garden and find ten garden snails


Place a small dab of paint on their shell. This is harmless to the snail


Release the snails at different places in your garden


One week later, walk around your garden to find some more snails.


Use the formula below to work out the approximate number of snails in your garden.


In the new sample if you had found twenty in the second sample snails and five having been
already marked, then you have recaptured half of your original group of ten marked snails; and
your equation would appear as follows.

So the total population must be approximately 40 snails. This answer is only a good guess, as
anything could have happened to the snails over a week!


If you wish to have a more accurate approximation, use and even larger sample.

Mark and recapture is just one technique used by ecologists to count animal populations.

Ecologists study the relationships between animal and plant communities.

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