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The Mobius Strip

The Mobius Strip

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You will need:

One piece of paper


A felt tip pen and Sticky Tape

Create a mobius strip - materials needed
1 Create a mobius strip - cutting the paper

Cut the paper lengthwise, making a 5cm wide strip of paper.

2 Create a mobius strip - twisting the paper

Give the paper a half twist (180 degrees) and join the ends together with sticky tape.

3 Create a mobius strip - drawing along the paper

Draw a line along the centre of the strip and keep going all the way around the paper.


4 Create a mobius strip - continuing the line along the paper

Where did you end up?

5 Create a mobius strip - mobius strip after cutting along the line

Try cutting along the line you made… what happens?

Why Does This Happen?

Shapes are described in a branch of mathematics called Topology. By twisting the paper you created a shape that has one continuous side. Cutting the strip lengthways made a long chain, where there was still only one side! Try twisting the paper in even and odd numbers – does a pattern emerge?

The Mobius strip was discovered in 1858 by August Ferdinand Mobius.

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