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Podcast: California Academy of Sciences Virtual Field Trips

Written by Ben Newsome on April 29th, 2018.      0 comments

Episode 51 of the FizzicsEd podcast

Virtual science field trips can transport students to any point around the globe in real time. Today we speak with Jacque Benitez, a distance learning science specialist for the California Academy of Sciences. From running programs on astronomy through to penguins, Jacque knows how to engage remote audiences with real-time experiences about their world.

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Jacque Benitez from California Academy of Sciences

Connecting learners globally

Podcast: Why data science is essential

Written by Ben Newsome on April 22nd, 2018.      0 comments

Episode 50 of the FizzicsEd podcast

Dr Linda McIver started out as an Academic with a PhD in Computer Science Education. When it became apparent that High School teaching was a lot more fun, Linda began a highly successful career at John Monash Science School, where she built innovative courses in Computational and Data Science for year 10 and year 11 students. Nominated one of the inaugural Superstars of STEM in 2017, Linda is passionate about creating authentic project experiences to motivate all students to become technologically and data literate.

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Dr Linda McIver

Teaching students to understand data
Teaching Topics: edchat, education , maths, podcasts, STEM, teaching

SciComm-edy! Science and comedy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Written by Jacqui on April 18th, 2018.      0 comments

More than just science jokes!

This week we explore a slightly different medium for science communication. The Fizzics Victoria Team checks out some science-related acts at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

melbourne international comedy festival 2018 logo purple background, yellow text, yellow blob with stick person flowers bird snake
Science through hilarious storytelling!

Teaching Topics: edchat , events, outreach, scicomm

Podcast: STEMpunk

Written by Ben Newsome on April 15th, 2018.      0 comments

Episode 49 of the FizzicsEd podcast

This week it's a dual interview... one between Tom Gordon who helps anchor the STEMpunk podcast and Ben from the FizzicsEd podcast! Tom Gordon is a highly accomplished science communicator, where his work at Kickstart at the University of Sydney gives him the chance to show high school students what it is really like to run experiments at the school of physics. In this episode both Tom and Ben interview each other about their thoughts on STEM and why science literacy is so important. Something a little different!

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STEMpunk podcast

Interviews on STEM
Teaching Topics: edchat, podcasts, scicomm , STEM

Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast!

Written by Jacqui on April 12th, 2018.      0 comments

More science of sports!

2018 is the year for international sporting events! This month the Commonwealth Games are being held right here on our soil, in sunny Gold Coast. Here is a round up of fun science facts about some of the events at the Games, get your students to add to the list!

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Commonweath Games gold coast 2018 logo
Sports + Science!

Teaching Topics: edchat, events , scicomm, sport, teaching

Podcast: Sydney Science Festival

Written by Ben Newsome on April 8th, 2018.      0 comments

Episode 48 of the FizzicsEd podcast

The Sydney Science Festival celebrates and showcases Sydney’s diverse and multidisciplinary science and innovation community through a program of talks by world-leading researchers, hands-on workshops, exhibitions and family events exploring all areas of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). Today we speak with the event producers, Catherine Polcz, the Program Producer (Science) from the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences and Ellie Downing, the Manager for Science Engagement and Events at the Australian Museum.

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Sydney Science Festival

Science shines in Sydney!
Teaching Topics: edchat, education , podcasts, scicomm, STEM

Science and Cooking: Mayonnaise!

Written by Jacqui on April 5th, 2018.      0 comments

Learn about emulsions!

Make your own mayonnaise with just a few ingredients for a lesson in food chemistry! An hands-on activity about how different liquids can interact for the classroom or home without using any heat!

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Silver spoon full of mayonnaise poised over a white ramekin of mayonnaise homemade on Fizzics green tablecloth
Tasty food chemistry!

Teaching Topics: edchat, food, kitchen chemistry , teaching

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