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Podcast: How One Giant Leap is changing lives

Written by Ben Newsome on September 2nd, 2017.      0 comments

Episode 17 of the FizzicsEd podcast

Bringing students to Space Camp USA opens up new horizons for students interested in STEM! In this episode, we talk with One Giant Leap founder Jackie Slaviero and the newly announced student ambassador Emily Rozanc about the enormous opportunities that Space Camp brings. From meeting NASA astronauts and flight directors through to training on spacecraft simulators and touring Northrup Grumman aerospace facilities, the students have a blast as they learn all things out of this world at the US Space & Rocket Center.

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One Giant Leap Australia
Expanding horizons!

Google takes you inside the International Space Station

Written by Ben Newsome on July 22nd, 2017.      0 comments

Explore to your hearts content!

Ever wondered just what it would be like to tour the International Space Station? Well, with Google Maps you can! Google has teamed up with NASA to create a tour of all the sections of the ISS! Using your mouse or fingers you can look around each module to your hearts content, zooming on interesting technology and reading about the history, origin and the use of each module.

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Inside the ISS Cupola February 2017 Image via Google Maps
Out of this world!


International Asteroid Day!

Written by Jacqui on June 27th, 2017.      0 comments

A great reason to talk about space science!

It's a day for education and awareness about the impact of asteroids on our planet and our lives, so why not include some of these ready-made resources in your lesson this week! With content from institutions like NASA and videos featuring real life astronauts and big name scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Bye and Stephen Hawking, what's not to love!

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Black background orange graphics Asteroid day 30 June with outline of bottom half of an asteroid
Raise awareness about asteroids!

Teaching Topics: edchat, scicomm, space science, teaching

Can poor science models still be useful for teaching science?

Written by Ben Newsome on September 11th, 2015.      2 comments

This might be counter-intuitive but sometimes presenting poorly designed scientific models to students can be extremely helpful in allowing students to critically analyse a given topic area. 

This week I was teaching a Stars & Planets workshop to primary school students and we started tearing apart this solar system model...

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Solar system model

Can bad science be good?


Up, up and away!

Written by Holly Kershaw on July 8th, 2011.      0 comments

This is a significant weekend for science. At 1.25am AEST Saturday, Space Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to be launched into space for the 33rd and last time.

As I was reading up on facts for a post about the final launch of Atlantis, I found out that it is also the final launch of the NASA Space Shuttle program – making this launch the end of an era for human space travel and exploration.

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shuttle tile
Last hurrah for Space Shuttle
Teaching Topics: NASA, science news, space science, STEM

Well that was really, really close!

Written by Holly Kershaw on July 1st, 2011.      0 comments

Earlier this week, we had a close shave. An asteroid passed by the Earth at just 12,000 km. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is roughly 400,000 km. That is really, really close.

The asteroid was between 5 and 20 km in diameter and probably would have burned up and exploded upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere. But that’s not what I find most interesting about this. What is interesting is how little notice we had of its passing. 

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How close we came...
Teaching Topics: science news, space science , STEM

How to donate to SETI@Home Project

Written by Ben Newsome on March 12th, 2009.      0 comments

Always wanted to participate in the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)? How about donating some of your computing power at your school, office or home to the SETI project!

Find out more on how your humble computer could help contribute...

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Parkes radio telescope pointing up on an overcast day
Connecting students 

2009: International Year of Astronomy

Written by Ben Newsome on January 15th, 2009.      0 comments

What is your local school doing for this year's theme? 
Here are some easy ideas that can be run in class!


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iOptron telescope sitting next to a white ute in the middle of a field
Look to the skies! 
Teaching Topics: edchat, education, space science , teaching

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