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Gamechangers and changemakers

Written by Kate on August 4th, 2018.      0 comments

Spreading knowledge & ideas

This National Science Week, we’ve been out around Sydney with the Game Changers Show. We’ve talked about people who changed the way we operate – from Archimedes to Elon Musk, Ada Lovelace to Elizabeth Blackburn. But we’ve been being asked the most questions about the final three discoveries we mention in the show. So we’ve collated together some extra information about these discoveries for you.

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Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao
Making the right waves

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Dipnetting for the National Waterbug Blitz!

Written by Ben Newsome on July 22nd, 2018.      0 comments

Contributing to the nation's knowledge

It doesn't matter whether you are young or young at heart, you can help ecologist's understanding of the health of our waterways by participating in the National Waterbug Blitz! So, pop on your gumboots and wade on in :)

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Dipnetting for Australian Waterbug Blitz
Citizen science for all ages!


Podcast: How Scienceability challenges stereotypes

Written by Ben Newsome on March 5th, 2018.      0 comments

Episode 43 of the FizzicsEd podcast

Meet Siân Keys, an educator with a passion for breaking down barriers. On this episode you'll discover why she formed Scienceability, an organisation that challenges the traditional ideas of 'who does science' by empowering people with intellectual disabilities to lead science classes for the public during National Science Week.

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Scienceability with 2017 Inclusion Awrd
Challenging stereotypes in science!
Teaching Topics: edchat, education , kids, podcasts, teaching

Podcast: Science parties are awesome

Written by Ben Newsome on February 28th, 2018.      0 comments

Episode 42 of the FizzicsEd podcast

From running science parties across the UK to presenting at TEDx, Marc Wileman from Sublime Science brings a passion for teaching kids critical thinking. In this episode, we chat about just what is important when presenting science to students and how teaching risk-taking can help prepare kids for their future

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Marc Wileman from Sublime Science sitting amongst a dry ice cloud
Having fun with science!
Teaching Topics: edchat, kids, podcasts , scicomm

Science in Blaze and the Monster Machines

Written by Ben Newsome on December 3rd, 2017.      0 comments

Preschool STEM on TV!

Science for preschoolers! Since 2014, Nickelodeon has run Blaze and Monster Machines, an animated cartoon series designed to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts to preschool children. Created by Jeff Borkin and Ellen Martin, Blaze and the Monster Machines highlights concepts such as friction, trajectories, volume and more for kids in a fun way! With an underlying STEM curriculum developed by Dr Christine M. Ricci, the show follows several monster trucks and two human characters who solve challenges using their knowledge of STEM.

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STEM in Blaze and the Monster Machines
Science made accessible


Podcast: Code like a Girl

Written by Ben Newsome on November 5th, 2017.      0 comments

Episode 26 of the FizzicsEd podcast

Ally Watson co-founded Code like a Girl after experiencing first-hand the barriers women have in the male-dominated computer science and developer industry. Code like a Girl aims to change the playing field, with a strong focus on mentoring girls in coding and computational thinking in a creative environment that sparks a love of logic and leadership.

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Ally Watson from Code like a Girl
Inspiring leaders!
Teaching Topics: coding, edchat, edtech, kids , podcasts, STEM

Science and Cooking: Baked Alaska

Written by Jacqui on September 5th, 2017.      0 comments

Learn about thermal insulation through delicious baking!

This classic dessert involves the seemingly impossible combo of hot and cold, of fire and ice (cream)! Find out how to make your own in the classroom or at home for a tasty demonstration in the physics of heat transfer and thermal insulation!

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Baked Alaska with a slice cut out on a white plate and a silver fork, chocolate ice cream, yellow cake and white meringue are visible
Science + dessert!


Innovation Games rock Sydney Olympic Park!

Written by Ben Newsome on August 23rd, 2017.      0 comments

A science bonanza at Sydney Olympic Park!

The last day of National Science Week finished with a bang in the heart of Sydney Olympic Park on Sunday! With help from Federal Government via Inspiring Australia and the NSW State Government, the Innovation games concluded the Sydney Science Festival with flare as more than 20 captivating STEM providers descended on Cathy Freeman Park to bring science to the public. From autonomous cars & drones to discussions on the mathematics of zombie outbreaks and how to counter mosquito infestations, western Sydney celebrated scientific innovation & creative thinking with over 4000 attendees!

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Innovation games logo
Celebrating innovation and STEM!

Teaching Topics: events, kids , outreach , scicomm, scied, STEM

Podcast: Less screen time & more STEM at the Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum, Michigan

Written by Ben Newsome on August 6th, 2017.      0 comments

Episode 13 of the FizzicsEd podcast

Learning by doing is by far the best way for kids to learn skills for life. At the Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum, the Corrina Strecker and the team have created an immersive STEM environment that captures kid’s imaginations and teaches families valuable lessons in creativity, exploration and collaboration. From interactive water play through to Halloween slime sessions, Corrina and the team at Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum know how to grab a kid’s attention. Let’s get a little messy!

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Corrina Strecker from Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum
Putting the A in STEM!

Inspiring TEDTalks by kids... STEM in action!

Written by Ben Newsome on July 29th, 2017.      0 comments

Get inspired!

It's often the case that the best way to teach students is to have students teach other instead! When it comes to describing a scientist to kids, inevitably they think they have to be old (and sadly male too) where as the reality is that people from all walks of life can be a scientist with the right support. So, why not flip this thinking on its head and show students recordings of TED talks where kids are the creators of ideas? The following presentations were done by students no older than 15 years old... nothing like some role models you age to look up to :)

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Time for something awesome!

Teaching Topics: edchat, education , kids, STEM, teaching

Our comprehensive guide to SLIME!

Written by Jacqui on May 30th, 2017.      0 comments

Why slime?

They're making it at home, at school, and even selling it on the internet! Slime-making is the latest fad sweeping across the globe. We've combed the internet to bring you this extensive list of recipes, ideas and the science of slime!

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boy sticking tongue out while holding green slime with his fingers
Gross/Awesome sensory play!


Science for kids at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Written by Ben Newsome on April 22nd, 2017.      0 comments

Biology in the heart of the city

Taking kids around the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney can offer so many learning opportunities! This week we completed another round of kids holiday science programs at the Maiden Theatre in the gardens and we couldn't help but incorporate a guided walk as part of the biology workshop we were running. So, with camera in-hand we took photos and discussed a number of things with the kids about the science all around them. It's such a fantastic open space in the heart of Sydney, we reckon you'd love to find out more about this place too!

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Red flower
Botany on show!

Teaching Topics: biology, edchat, kids , museums , outdoors, STEM, teaching

Things kids can do without the internet

Written by Ben Newsome on February 1st, 2017.      0 comments

Kids activities that don't need a computer or smart device

Getting kids to peel their eyes away from the screen doesn't have to be like pulling teeth; you just need to create some enticement for them! There is so much kids can do without the need for the internet and to be honest once kids get started they pretty much forget about their computers in the process...

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Square wheel car
Activities away from the screen

Teaching Topics: edchat , kids, outdoors , STEM

10 Science experiments for toddlers

Written by Ben Newsome on December 22nd, 2016.      0 comments

Toddler science made simple!

Are there science experiments that a 2 year old could do? Absolutely! Young children are rapidly learning about their world through their 5 senses and as such you can easily provide rich experiences that show how the world works just by targeting sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. In this post we look at some simple ways you can start introducing science to your toddler.

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making sherbet
Science for early learners!

Teaching Topics: edchat, education, kids , preschool, STEM, teaching

How to teach science using role plays

Written by Ben Newsome on November 1st, 2016.      0 comments

Using role plays to grab the imagination!

Role playing in education has been used for years as a tool for kids to understand the world around them. By combining play, games and simulation in scenarios that teach science, students get a real feel for what it is like to be in the real situation. The main thing is that you'll need to do a bit of thinking and pre-planning so that your role play in the classroom has the best chance of succeeding!

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role play as a vet
It's more than just dress-ups!


20 ways to impart a love of science with your kids

Written by Ben Newsome on October 11th, 2016.      0 comments

Inspire their curiosity!

So you love science & technology? Want to impart this enthusiasm onto your kids? No problem! Children are born as curious learners and exposing them to science doesn't have to be an arduous and formal process. Given this, here's just some of the ways you can introduce them to the wonders of science without burying them in a textbook or spending time with a tutor...

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balance bird
How to develop budding scientists 


Amusement arcade STEM - game on!

Written by Ben Newsome on July 26th, 2016.      0 comments

Roll up, roll up!

Science & math learning opportunities can be found in the most unlikely places! Amongst the predictable driving games and shoot 'em ups you can still find some old favourites that can illustrate some concepts in your classroom, you just have to aim the lesson at the right level.

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Two Skeeball ramps showing the score clock
Science for young and old

Teaching Topics: edchat, education , kids, scied , STEM, teaching

Ideas for teaching science to preschool children

Written by Ben Newsome on July 4th, 2016.      0 comments

Early learning science that works

There are so many options for teaching science in an preschool setting! Kids are highly inquisitive at this young age with an eagerness to investigate their world that older kids rarely match. Why not take advantage of this and create science lessons to match their enthusiasm?

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sights and smells
Curious kids love their science!

Teaching Topics: edchat, education, kids , preschool , STEM, teaching

Hidden lessons for kids when making a science party cake

Written by Ben Newsome on April 3rd, 2016.      0 comments

We've been running hundreds of science parties every year since 2004 and one thing we've noticed is just how creative parents can be! 

Who doesn't love the look of a ferocious looking dinosaur cake or a volcano cake with bubbling lava coming out of the crater! It might sound a bit odd at first, but there are a variety of science learning outcomes when it comes to making a party cake.

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Cake shaped as an eyeball surrounded by cupcakes made to look like eyeballs as well.

Creative science party cakes!

Teaching Topics: kids , kids parties, scicomm, STEM

How to decorate a kids science party they'll love!

Written by Ben Newsome on January 21st, 2016.      0 comments

We've been running hundreds of science parties every year since 2004 and one thing we've noticed is just how creative parents can be! 

You can turn your home into a 'mad scientists laboratory' using simple household items, all you need is imagination and add a bit of fun! Here are a few decorative ideas we've seen to start you off:

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Science party decorated room

Science parties made fun!

Teaching Topics: kids , kids parties, scicomm , STEM

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