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10 Christmas science experiments for the holidays!

Written by Jacqui on December 5th, 2017.      0 comments

10 Christmas science experiments

Jingles are blasting through the local malls. Fairy lights and ornaments line the shelves. There is no mistaking the fact that Christmas is only a few weeks away! Not too long ago we put a spooky spin on our favourite science experiments for Halloween and had so much fun doing that, it was decided that we'd do it again for Christmas! Here is a list of experiments from our Free Experiments section of activities to which you can easily add a festive flair. So whether you are looking for an exciting way to conclude the school year or activities for the kids this holiday season, we've got you covered!

orange bicarb soda pressed into round moulds in ice tray
Christmas Fizzy Bombs!

For a Christmas themed experiment suitable for all ages, use novelty ice cube trays with trees or stars (or even Christmas cookie cutters) to make your fizzy bombs!

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sugar cube in the middle surrounded by orange purple and green skittles on a white plate with water
Sweet Science!

Swap out the skittles in this classic experiment for starlight mints! Learn about how solutes move in solution while watching the Christmas colours swirl around on the plate! 

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water bubbles white background
Instant Icicles!

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we have our Christmas in the summer....but fear not, we can still make icicles with this cool experiment!

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two children making white sherbert in clear plastic cups
Edible Snow!

Sherbet is yummy and easy to make, all the ingredients you need can be found at the supermarket!

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black silhouette of a person in front of red and green light projected onto a white wall
Colourful Shadows!

With some Santa and reindeer cut-outs, you can put on a Christmas shadow puppet colour! 

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clear cubic sugar crystals on a stick with green grass background
Sugar Science!

Why not add a drop of peppermint flavouring and even some food colouring, and make your own Christmas sweets! Bend one end of a lollipop stick into a hook and watch it turn into a crystal candy cane!

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yellow lemon slices
Lemon Juice Christmas Cards!

A different way to write down your Christmas greetings!

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green background black outline of man with hat measuring shadow lengths
Which way is the North Pole?

Santa allegedly lives in the North Pole.....but which way is that? This experiment will help you point to the direction of Santa's home!

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white borax crystals in the shape of a snowflake on a string in front of a person's face, black background
Crystal Snowflakes!

This experiment uses borax, adults will need to help the kids with this one! Make beautiful sparkly snowflakes with crystal science!

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And here's one for after all the presents have been opened......The Egg Drop Challenge is a popular STEM activity that kids can't seem to get enough of, and thanks to an idea from this article it has taken on some festive cheer! Try this fun challenge with a special condition: you can only use Christmas decorations or wrappings from the presents!

8 brown eggs in a grey carton on brown wooden table
Best to test this one outside!

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Happy teaching,


Jacqui from Fizzics
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