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Make tasty blood!

You will need:

  • Raspberry jubes
  • Corn syrup (or glucose syrup)
  • Sprinkles or hundreds and thousands
  • White jelly beans or marshmallows
  • A cup and spoon to mix it all in



1. Mix the four main components of blood in correct quantities:·       

Red blood cells (Raspberry jubes)     
Makes 44% of blood volume, carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide around body. Red blood cells only live for about 3 months, but are continuously produced in the bone marrow.
Known as erythrocytes

Plasma (corn syrup)    
Makes 55%, of blood volume, looking like a thick, clear, yellowish liquid that carries dissolved food (nutrients) towards the bodies' cells and transporting waste products for disposal by the liver.

White blood cells (white jelly beans or marshmallows)     
Makes 0.5% of blood volume. These cells are bigger than red blood cells, coming in different shapes and sizes. They destroy bits of old blood cells and attack germs (bacteria) by ‘eating’ them (phagocytosis). Collectively known as leukocytes.

Platelets (sprinkles/hundreds and thousands)       
Makes 0.5% of blood volume, they help clot your blood so that you stop bleeding when you're injured.

2. Mix the candy "blood" in a large, clear container, making sure that you emphasize the the proportions of red blood cells to white bloods (etc) are correct in human blood.

Dispense into small cups and pass out one cup to each student. Mix with spoons so that the relative amounts of the blood components are correct (see above!)

Time to eat!
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