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Create fog rings

You will need:

  • A bin, bucket or even a plastic cup
  • A piece of vinyl, plastic or table cloth larger than the bin
  • A ratchet strap, gaffer tape or similar
  • A knife (adults please!)
  • A fog machine and fog juice

    Vortex rings
    Fog rings are awesome :)



  1. Cut a hole out of the base of your bin no larger than half the diameter of the bin bottom.
  2. Stretch the table cloth or similar material across the larger opening of the bin. If you can get your hands on some vinyl this is the best material to use.
  3. Secure with a strap or strong tape to make the bin into a drum.
  4. Fill the cut opening with stage fog.
  5. Hit the drum and watch the fog rings fly!

    steve making a vortex ring
    Creating fog rings at a children's science party!
Ben making vortex fog rings
Ben making vortex fog rings a school Big Science show!
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Why does it work?

Vortex fog rings volcom surf festival November 2011 at Manly Beach
Making vortex fog rings at the Volcom surf festival at Manly Beach

A fog machine is used to fill a drum made out of a bin. Hitting the drum forces air out of the hole, with the pressure differences within the air causing an air vortex. The pressure differences are caused due to air slowing down as it rubs on the side of the hole. Areas of 'slow air' tend to move towards areas of 'fast air'... better put; high pressure moves to low pressure. The mathematician Bernoulli found that moving air has less pressure than air that is still... this helps to create the fog ring as the slow air on the edge of the bin hole rushes toward the faster air in the center of the hole. The moving air has momentum and rolls the fog into a ring shape, also known as the vortex you see puffing out of the bin!
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