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Force & Movement Experiments

Convection spiral

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Rising air has force

Adult help please!

Tornado twister

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Model the deadly disaster

Discuss low pressure systems

How do nail chairs work?

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Learn how the 'trick' works

It's about surface area...

The impossible puff

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Can you blow the ball out?

Counter-intuitive experiment

Soap powered boat

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Hands on science

Investigate forces in action

Skewer a balloon

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'Magic' trick for class

All about structures & friction

Weird Helium

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Archimedes would love this!
... so would Isaac Newton :)

Create fog rings

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Air vortex activity

Friction & pressure combined

Make a pop pop boat

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Classic toy science

Adult help please!

Balloon of death!

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Mini-version of the circus bikes

Rotational inertia explained

Upside-down water cup

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'Magic trick' using pressure

Prove air has pressure

Air takes up space

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Easy air pressure demo

So simple but grabs attention!

Film canister rockets

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Blast off!!!

Apply Newton's Laws of Motion

Make a cartesian diver

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Buoyancy activity for kids

More about pressure!

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