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Kitchen Chemistry Experiments

Carbon sugar snake

Comments 1

Create a growing carbon sugar snake with simple ingredients. A science activity for the adults to try that demonstrates combustion & chemistry for kids.

Fireworks in a glass

Comments 5

Create fireworks in a glass! This colourful science activity is highly popular with kids and can be used look at buoyancy, density and surface tension.

Squeezing a lemon half into a glass of tea
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Lemon juice and tea colour change

Comments 4

A simple colour change in the kitchen! Simply grab a lemon and a mug of tea to explore kitchen chemistry that you can drink afterwards :)

Gummy bear osmosis

Comments 17

The gummy bear osmosis experiment is perfect for variable testing! Learn how to design a simple kitchen chemistry activity that explores how water moves.

Model a pandemic classroom activity

Comments 5

Model a pandemic using kitchen materials as a classroom activity. It is all about understanding how disease spreads through a simple visual demonstration.

Walking water

Comments 6

Coloured walking water science activity! This colourful experiment is a great way to look at capillary action and uses easy to source materials.

Pen chromatography

Comments 2

Colourful science with simple materials

Fantastic for forensics

Water down a string

Comments 0

An easy experiment to replicate
Demonstrate water cohesion

Drops on a coin

Comments 8

Explore surface tension
Who can fit the most drops?

Pepper & surface tension

Comments 1

Easily show that surface tension exists!
Simple science with kitchen materials

How to keep fruit from going brown

Comments 0

Learn the chemical reason...

Great to know for BBQ's!

Make rock candy

Comments 18

Crystallize sugar to eat!

Science of super-saturation

Skittle science!

Comments 13

Visualize chemical concentrations

It's pretty too!

Sweet Drinks

Comments 2

Some sink & others float...

Density experiment for kids

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