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Kitchen Chemistry Experiments

Rusty nail experiment

Comments 27

Classic oxidation experiment

What makes things rust?

Detect Iron In Food With Tea

Comments 0

Chelating the chemicals

Tea science?

Grow yeast experiment

Comments 4

Classic fermentation experiment

Learn about controlling variables

Gooey slime

Comments 0

It's the slime in science kits!

Polymer science in action

Exploding sandwich bags experiment

Comments 0

Vinegar & bicarb soda made fun!

All about pressure...

Sudsy Slime

Comments 0

Slime made with soap flakes!

Easy sensory play!

Edible flubber

Comments 2

Have fun making flubber!

Learn about gelling agents!

Fizzy bath bombs

Comments 0

Bicarb soda and vinegar chemistry!

Safe and fun for kids!

Making Cornflour Slime

Comments 1

Gooey slime!

A non-newtonian solid

Create a naked & bouncy egg

Comments 0

Dissolve the shell

Classic egg experiment :)

Make a bouncy ball!

Comments 4

Mix it up & watch it bounce!

Polymer science made fun

How to make a lava lamp

Comments 21

Density & buoyancy experiment

So easy to do

Make food colours swirl

Comments 0

Explore surface tension

Science on a plate

Simulate Ocean Currents

Comments 0

Does salinity affect buoyancy?

Class demo on ocean currents

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