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Rise of the machines: Fake news is spreading further and faster than ever before, but can online bots be blamed or are we, normal regulation humans, responsible?

Australia is backed up and made a deposit! ...of plant seeds into the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, that is.

It's International Women's Day! Women still make up less than one-third of STEM university graduates; what gives? Kate sets out to investigate.

Speaking of legendary women, where on Earth is Amelia Earhart?

Brilliant scientists have made animal cells glow 1000 times brighter than ever before! Dr Quill guides us through how and why they did it.

Mad scientist Barbra Streisand has cloned her dog! But at what cost?!

Seriously though, how much does it cost? Dr. Quill investigates.

As a large old person, Duncan wants to talk about other large, old things: The history of elephants and the newest addition to the elephant family!

Dr. Quill found out about something called a 'bird runway' and says there's very exciting maths involved.

Can you feel it? Can you feel it? CAN YOU FEEL IT? The rhythm that is! Danny tells how your brain feels musical rhythms!

What happens when there isn't enough snow at the Winter Olympics? Holly explains what cloud seeding is and how it works.

How 'international' is the International Space Station? Why does the USA want out and what will it mean for the future?

Human-sheep hybrids! Frankenstein-esque experiment or the future of medicine?

How much do chimps and humans have in common? Absolutely heaps! We look at what happened when a famous psychological experiment is conducted on our great ape cousins.

Plants are alive, but are they conscious? How do plants know which way to grow, and can they learn?

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