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Force & Movement Experiments

Blow ’em apart!

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Can you really do it?

Applied Bernoulli's theory!

Egg inertia

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Karate chop science!

Just like a magic trick

Create a rubber band racer

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Classic science experiment

Store & release energy to make it go!

Make a scribblebot!

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Get unbalanced!

Simple robot for kids

Model the Dead Sea

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Make eggs float!

Classic density experiment

Dry ice between spoons

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Good vibrations

Adult help please

Suspended rice

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Use friction to lift them

A classic classroom activity

Liquid Nitrogen & Toys !

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Cold rubber can shatter!

Properties of materials

Ping pong activity!

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Learn about Bernoulli

Fun, simple science

Dancing sultanas

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They rise and fall...why?

Think buoyancy...

How to stand on eggs!

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Spread your weight!

Nice trick to know :)

Make a tea bag rocket

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Launch another rocket!

All about convection

Broom balance trick

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Find the center of gravity

Use friction to make it happen

Convection spiral

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Rising air has force

Adult help please!

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