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Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands

In the July 2019 school holidays, Centennial Parklands again welcomes Fizzics Education to the WILD PLAY Discovery Centre to provide a range of exciting, engaging and hands-on school holiday programs for the summer!

  • Half- and full-day holiday workshops appropriate for school-aged children.
  • Please bring food, a drink, a hat and appropriate clothing for science activities.
  • Requirements, FAQs & Allergy Policy

What to bring to our holiday programs

  • snacks for breaks (including lunch if your child is staying for the whole day)
  • hat
  • water bottle
  • any medications – any child that requires an EpiPen must bring a minimum of 1 on the day in association with the ASCIA Guidelines as well as associated Anaphylaxis Management Plans
  • Requirements, FAQs & Allergy Policy

If children want to stay for the full day, simply book your child into the 2 x half day workshops and we’ll take care of them during the break! These holiday workshops sell out quickly – get in early to ensure that you don’t miss out!

NB: No peanuts allowed on-site.

A parent or guardian is required to sign children in upon arrival and then sign them out when picking them up after the workshop. Refunds may be available if the event is cancelled or rescheduled.

The WILD PLAY Discovery Centre is in Centennial Parklands towards the end of Dickens Drive.

Centennial Park is based on one-way streets. It is easiest to approach Dickens Drive from the Lang Road entrance of the park on the northwestern side. Continue along Dickens Drive past Loch Avenue and the centre will be on your left just before the bridge. Park your car on the street and walk 150m from the road and you’ll find us there in the WILD PLAY Discovery Centre!

Holiday science workshops for active kids!

Number Crunch

It’s math, but not as you know it! This fun and hands-on workshop uses challenging experiments, tricky puzzles and lots of real-life applications to get kids excited about numbers. Determine wind speed. How high is that building? Measure chemicals for the best explosion! Can you work out the number of animals in the bushland? Bend and bounce light using prisms and mirrors…plus lots more!

The focus of the workshop is to use maths as a tool to do cool things, rather than just to provide correct or incorrect answers. Then, let’s get creative with maths as we take these ideas and do some whacky engineering and build things that work, but just don’t seem to make sense. Square wheels that roll? It’s maths gone mad!

Tuesday, July 9 Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Extreme Engineering

Engineers use science and their imaginations to make things bigger and better! Test out your problem solving skills and learn about real-life applications of scientific theories and laws as you put your creativity to the test as you crash test contraptions, construct towers, and more…

Tuesday, July 9 Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

CSI Forensics

This forensic science workshop will intrigue budding super sleuths who enjoy their science mixed with a bit of drama. Follow the clues using real science!

Thursday, July 18 Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Chemical Concoctions

Learn how to make elephant’s toothpaste, milk rainbows, gooey slime, fizzy potions, giant bubbles and more! Participate in a professional chemical science show and make slime to take home! Don’t forget to wear old clothes as you will be getting dirty!

Thursday, July 18 Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

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