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Mt Annan Holiday Science

Mt Annan Holiday Science

The Australian Botanic Garden in Mt Annan welcomes Fizzics Education to provide a range of exciting, engaging and hands-on school holiday programs!

  • Half and full day holiday program workshops and activities appropriate for all Sydney school-aged children.
  • Please bring food, a drink, a hat and appropriate clothing for science activities.
  • Requirements, FAQs & Allergy Policy

What to bring for our holiday programs

  • snacks for breaks (including lunch if your child is staying for the whole day)
  • hat
  • water bottle
  • any medications – any child that requires an EpiPen must bring a minimum of 1 on the day in association with the ASCIA Guidelines as well as associated Anaphylaxis Management Plans
  • Requirements, FAQs & Allergy Policy

If children want to stay for the full day, simply book your child into the 2 x half day workshops and we’ll take care of them during the break! These holiday program workshops sell out quickly – get in early to ensure that you don’t miss out!

NB: No peanuts allowed on-site.

A Parent or Guardian is required to sign the child in upon arrival and then sign them out when picking them up after the workshop. Refunds may be available if the event is cancelled or rescheduled.

The Australian PlantBank

The PlantBank is located on Cunningham Drive on the ring road in the Australian Botanic Garden, Mt Annan. It’s a big new shiny building, you can’t miss it. Please park in any of the nearby picnic carparks or the main carpark and enjoy a short stroll to our venue.

2019 October Holidays Science Programs at Australian Botanic Gardens, Mt Annan

Destination Moon & Beyond!

Discover the science required to reach the Moon and the space programs that made it all happen. From trajectories & orbits to rocketry & materials science, we’ll look at current and future space programs, operations and missions. Discover astronomy and gain insight into our place in the Universe, learn how to build and use a telescope and launch rockets high into the sky!

Thursday, October 3 Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Use the Forces

Learn how objects really move!

In this fun holiday science workshop we’ll use rockets, bike wheels, science toys and weird contraptions as we look in-depth at how push and pull forces act to move objects. You’ll discover how friction works as well as explore rotational forces and find out what inertia is all about. Plus, you’ll make your own rubber band racer to keep…Newton would be happy here!

Thursday, October 3 Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

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