Podcast: Australian Age of Dinosaurs


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Australian Age of Dinosaurs

Australian Age of Dinosaurs


Ever wanted to know what it’s really like to work at a Dinosaur Museum? Well now’s your chance as Education Coordinator & Laboratory Supervisor Steven Rumbold takes you behind the scenes at Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History. Situated in the heart of regional QLD, this museum is a thriving research facility where you and your students can join real dinosaur digs and help unearth Australi’s ancient past.


“As soon as we get down to the rock layer where the bones are going to be, we start showing people the differences between the rock and the actual fossil bone. Where we can show them where the rock ends and the fossil begins, even if its your first day on a dig we’ll get you straight into digging out that dinosaur bone”.

About Steven Rumbold

Steven grew up mad about dinosaurs in Wycheproof, Victoria, where after school he went on to study Archaeology and Zoology at LaTrobe University. While Steven is passionate about those two fields, palaeontology has always been his childhood dream and through AAOD he has been able to live it, having started off as a Tour Guide and grown with Museum over the past 6 years as it continues to expand. Steven is the Education Co-ordinator/ Laboratory Supervisor and is a fully accredited Savannah Guide which the highest Tour Guide accreditation level in Australia.  Steven’s role at AAOD is to create engaging, hands-on, learning experiences for school groups that visit the Museum, as well as supervising the participants working of fossils in the Laboratory. Plus, he gets to be involved in annual dinosaur digs!

More about the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum

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