Podcast: California Academy of Sciences Virtual Field Trips


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California Academy of Sciences Virtual Field Trips

California Academy of Sciences Virtual Field Trips


Virtual science field trips can transport students to any point around the globe in real time. Today we speak with Jacque Benitez, a distance learning science specialist for the California Academy of Sciences. From running programs on astronomy through to penguins, Jacque knows how to engage remote audiences with real-time experiences about their world.

About Jacque Benitez

Jacque Benitez from California Academy of Sciences

Jacque Benitez is an Education Specialist for the California Academy of Sciences’ distance learning program. She has been at the Academy in San Francisco, California since 2012. Starting as a planetarium presenter teaching students astronomy. Jacque then took the opportunity to reach students beyond the Bay Area in an innovative way through the Academy’s distance learning program. Since joining the education team, she has tripled its digital outreach and co-designed many of the existing programs offered today. Her mission for distance learning is that every K to 8th grade student has the opportunity to explore, explain, and sustain life as a scientist.

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