Podcast: Field studies at Sydney Olympic Park

Field studies at Sydney Olympic Park

Field studies at Sydney Olympic Park

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Making nature study awesome!

Just across from the mangroves in Sydney Olympic Park is an education center designed to help students to discover more about their environment. We caught up with Danielle Leggo, who as the education coordinator at SOPA has very much had the opportunity to see first-hand the positive impact that biological field studies and nature walks can bring to kids from urban centers.

“The sampling techniques we’re using with them… gathering data and asking questions about that data… every time they come out or they think about going and investigating their environment they get to use what they’ve learned out here in the field”.

After chatting with Danielle Leggo, we also look at how to use cooking Baked Alaska to teach science (!) plus we revisit a grab from a past episode in which Ally Watson from Code like a Girl talks about the importance of role models for girls that want to take the lead in digital industries.

Top 3 learnings


  1. Get out into the field! It’s not just about the textbook, students need to experience real ecological sampling techniques and learn about the environment first-hand.
  2. The intersection between the built environment and ecological communities is fascinating, plus it is an area of research that is being actively investigated as a direct result of urbanisation and city sprawl.
  3. Observe your surroundings. The living environment had a lot to offer for all the senses!

Contact details for Danielle Leggo

Danielle Leggo from Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Also, learn more about the Innovation Games that was held during National Science Week in August on Episode 16 of the FizzicsEd podcast

Podcast - Live from the Innovation Games

Podcast – Live from the Innovation Games 

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