Podcast: Inspiring critical thinking with Living Maths


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Inspiring critical thinking with Living Maths

Inspiring critical thinking with Living Maths


Steve Sherman, TEDx speaker & Director of Living Maths, shares his highly student-centered approach to teaching mathematics & logical reasoning. In many ways it’s not about how integers are moved in equations, it’s about producing a learning environment that students can thrive in.

“How are you going get students to fall in love with mathematics if all you are going to do is make them do sums at school and then go and home and do homework? That’s not really going to get them excited.”

We also discuss how your students can connect with NASA astronauts in web conferences organised by Living Maths plus find out how Wanda Diaz Merced, a blind Astrophysicist visited the Athlone school for the blind where the students listened to the sound of the recent solar eclipse.

Top 3 learnings


  1. Make mathematics more than just solving equations. Embed it in real life and make lessons as hands-on and as tangible as possible.
  2. Find ways to connect with students who are disengaged. What are they interested in? Empower these students to research their favourite topic and challenge them to find a way to relate it the classroom topic.
  3. Teach students problem-solving skills at every opportunity

About Steve Sherman

Steve Sherman of Living Maths

Steve Sherman of Living Maths, South Africa

Since 1995, Steve Sherman has grown Living Maths to become a catalyst for student’s love of mathematics through enrichment opportunities across South Africa and beyond. A graduate of the University of Cape Town, Steve is passionate about sharing knowledge and a strong advocate for using technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience.


About the FizzicsEd Podcast

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