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Podcast: Life Education with Terese Hooper

Podcast: Life Education with Terese Hooper


For over 40 years, Life Education has visited schools across Australia with interactive education programs that promote safe and healthy living. We speak with Terese Hooper, the Director for Education for Life Education in NSW / ACT to find out more about the programs and to learn more about their virtual and online programs.

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

About Life Education

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Life Education is Australia’s largest provider of preventive health and drug education to school children. With the help of its iconic mascot Healthy Harold the giraffe, Life Education has been empowering children and young people to make safer and healthy choices for more than 40 years. They work in more than 4,000 schools and preschools across mainland Australia, with more than 700,000 school children participating in the program each year. There are 130 specially trained educators who visit students in every state and territory across Australia via 100 mobile classrooms.

Below are two links which highlight the recent online changes, this includes both the online modules as well as TAM-E:

Online Modules



About Terese Hooper

Terese Hooper is Director of Education for Life Education NSW / ACT. Terese has an extensive background in education and is a teacher and Life Education Educator. She is the driving force behind Healthy Harold’s online and virtual innovation. Working closely with both NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education, Terese is committed to ensuring that children and young people in Australia have opportunities to benefit from health and wellbeing education.

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Hosted by Ben Newsome

Ben Newsome


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