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Podcast: Pint of Science Australia

Podcast: Pint of Science Australia


Fancy learning science over a pint or two? Perfect! Today we speak with Co-Chief Executive Officers Jin-oh Choi & Maria Roitman from Pint of Science Australia to learn about the public science communication events happening across 15 cities in Australia where you can learn from researchers about their work.

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

About Pint of Science Australia

A cartoon of beer with a brain in the top of the glass and a Australian flag stuck into the brain

Pint of Science Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation with the goal to increase science appreciation among the Australian people. The annual Pint of Science Australia festival is part of the international Pint of Science festival which is running simultaneously in 26 countries: a celebration of science that reaches all across the globe.

The Pint of Science festival not only serves as a way to bridge the gap between scientific research and the Australian public, but also as a medium for researchers to practice science communication, and for volunteers to further develop skills that can facilitate their career progression.

With events taking place in 15 cities across Australia this year, the Pint of Science Australia festival provides a casual and inclusive environment where attendees can interact with our research-active community, ask questions, and deepen their understanding of the latest discoveries and advancements across the broad scope of what we call science. It’s a celebration of knowledge, curiosity, and the joy of learning, all fuelled by a pint and shared enthusiasm for the wonders of science.

About Jin-oh Choi

Jin-oh Choi dressed in a suit

Jin-oh Choi is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Pint of Science Australia, a passionate advocate for science communication and education in Australia, and works to make scientific knowledge and research accessible to the Australian audience.Jin-oh is also a lover of craft beer and believes that by connecting science with something as relatable and approachable as a pint of beer, it allows people to engage with science in a new and exciting way.

About Maria Roitman

Maria Roitman headshot

Maria Roitman is Co-Chief Executive Officer of Pint of Science Australia, and Senior Advisor, International Research Strategy at the University of Melbourne. As a former researcher who never fully left the research world, Maria believes that science should be accessible to people of all demographics. Maria is passionate about increasing the breadth and depth of opportunities for the Australian research community to share their work with the public in interesting and engaging ways.

With interviews with leading science educators and STEM thought leaders, this science education podcast is about highlighting different ways of teaching kids within and beyond the classroom. It’s not just about educational practice & pedagogy, it’s about inspiring new ideas & challenging conventions of how students can learn about their world!

Hosted by Ben Newsome

Ben Newsome


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