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Podcast: School cybersecurity with Paul Hankin

Podcast: School cybersecurity with Paul Hankin


School cybersecurity has become an increasingly important topic given the implications of having so many students online. We chat with Paul Hankin, a cybersecurity expert from Kaesim who takes us through 5 simple ways in which your families can protect the devices that your student’s access, and in doing so help protect your school networks as well.

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

About Paul Hankin

Paul Hankin headshot

Paul started geeking out in 1982 aged 13 with his Australian made MicroBee computer and a budding computer security business. He’s been protecting organisations since the age of 15, first installing security alarm systems at his high school and then his local computer shop. Serving and protecting the community also comes naturally with six generations of police in his family. You could say security is in his DNA.

During his university days he worked nights driving security patrols, armoured cash escorts and personal protection for a HNW family before starting my career in software development and later financial services. He worked with an IBM global services partner programming computers for 4 years before entering the financial services industry around 2001. He started combining his IT skills and finance experience into digital transformation (DX) projects for mortgage brokers. By 2013 he was focused on IT security for offshore teams (Philippines, Serbia) helping brokers and financial planners secure their back offices. This involved working with single broker offices, a top 10 broker with 17 staff across 3 locations from Melbourne to Nepal, and Yellow Brick Road. He’s also developed a cybersecurity compliance and best practices program for mortgage brokers and small business in conjunction with the CIO of a major AU forensic accounting firm focused on governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

About Kaesim

Kaesim is a global team of cybersecurity experts currently protecting 6,500 client assets 24/7 across the US, UK and Australia since 2015. They secure these businesses to Australian and US government standards (NIST) and cyber agency guidelines (ACSC/ASD/DHS/DOD). They’re also official JCSC and ACSC partners (the Australian government cyber programs run by the Department of Defence) with real-time access to the Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing (CTIS) platform run by the ACSC plus they’re approved by the Australian Digital Transformation Agency as a cybersecurity supplier to the Australian government.

If you need help protecting your organisation, or just want to learn more, visit their website on www.kaesim.com.au

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Hosted by Ben Newsome

Ben Newsome


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