Podcast: STEAM at the Museum of the Riverina

STEAM at the Museum of the Riverina

STEAM at the Museum of the Riverina

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Students creating museums exhibitions? Love it! In this episode we speak with Sam Leah who is working on “STEAM the Museum”, a project where an opportunity class from Sturt Public School are working to create an interpretative robotic display that will tell the story the royal visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Wagga Wagga, NSW. From meshing coding & the arts together to designing interpretative displays, this project is all about students making history come alive.

“What I really want is get as many kids as possible coming into the museum to say; this is a place I belong”

About Samantha Leah

Samantha Leah

Samantha Leah is a historian working in museum outreach as the Regional Museums Officer at the Museum of the Riverina in Wagga Wagga, NSW. With the museum she undertakes community outreach and engagement projects, including the award-winning We Are here: Riverina LGBTIQ Stories

With STEAM the Museum she hopes to expand the reach of the Museum and also provide the local community and schools with the ability to access the equipment they need to be a part of the STEAM revolution. She also really wants to play with robots and 3D print things!

STEAM the Museum is supported by Makers Stream B Funding from Inspiring Australia.

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