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Chemistry Show

Creative chemical concoctions
ideal for covering a broad range of chemical changes

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  • Colourful chemical reactions on a desk
  • UV light fluorescing a plastic skeleton
  • Condensation cloud formed over a desk following dry ice added into hot water
  • Vinegar being added into Universal indicator during a school show
Colourful chemical reactions on a desk1 UV light fluorescing a plastic skeleton2 Condensation cloud formed over a desk following dry ice added into hot water3 Vinegar being added into Universal indicator during a school show4

A fantastic school chemistry show with flare!

See bubbling dry ice, colour changing chemical reactions, growing crystals, glow in the dark pigments, elephants toothpaste, stringy slimes, different coloured flames and more! 

Designed to cover a broad range of chemical concepts that is accessible to high school students:
  • the chemistry of fireworks
  • properties of solids, liquids and gases
  • UV light and glowing chemicals
  • physical changes vs. chemical reactions
  • acids vs bases and indicators to detect them
  • kitchen chemistry found at home
  • energy changes and more...
Available as a high school school science incursion within Australia or as a video conference to any school around the globe!
What schools are saying about our science shows & workshops
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Many thanks for a fantastic day last week. The Big Science Show got rave reviews from both children and adults alike. 

Gresford Public School; Big Science Visit


Australian Curriculum and NSW K to 10 Syllabus Links

Australian National Curriculum Mapping for all our science workshops & shows

Australian ACARA Content Outcomes:

Stage 4
  • CW1 - The properties of the different states of matter can be explained in terms of the motion and arrangement of particles (ACSSU151).
  • CW2 - Scientific knowledge and developments in technology have changed our understanding of the structure and properties of matter.
  • CW3 - Mixtures, including solutions, contain a combination of pure substances that can be separated using a range of techniques (ACSSU113).
  • CW4 - In a chemical change, new substances are formed, which may have specific properties related to their uses in everyday life. Chemical change involves substances reacting to form new substances (ACSSU225).
Stage 5
  • CW3 - Chemical reactions involve rearranging atoms to form new substances; during a chemical reaction mass is not created or destroyed (ACSSU178).
  • CW4 - Different types of chemical reactions are used to produce a range of products and can occur at different rates and involve energy transfer (ACSSU187).
  • Chemical reactions, including combustion and the reactions of acids, are important in both non-living and living systems and involve energy transfer (ACSSU179)

NSW Science Syllabus Content

A student:
  • describes the observed properties and behaviour of matter, using scientific models and theories about the motion and arrangement of particles (SC4-16CW).
  • explains how scientific understanding of, and discoveries about, the properties of elements, compounds and mixtures relate to their uses in everyday life (SC4-17CW).
  • explains how models, theories and laws about matter have been refined as new scientific evidence becomes available (SC5-16CW).
  • discusses the importance of chemical reactions in the production of a range of substances, and the influence of society on the development of new materials (SC5-17CW).

    NSW K - 10 Science Syllabus mapping for all our incursions

Science Show Demonstrations

Elephants toothpaste A foaming chemical reaction that needs a 'helper' chemical
Dry ice rainbows See colours form in water when an acid indicator is added
Impossible to burn paper An old magic trick, showing that evaporation keeps materials cool
The blue bottle A spectacular chemical change from clear to blue
Coloured flames Different materials burn with different colours... link to fireworks
Growing crystals Watch crystals form instantly and see why some rocks have crystals
The fire triangle Oxygen is needed for fires... let's prove it with a fireball!
Slimy strings Made from a chemical found in seaweed... it's in your ice cream too!
Glow chemistry Glowing salts and glowing shadows! Fluorescence in action.
Precipitate chemistry Clear solutions mixed together can produce surprising results
Super absorber Check out this super absorbent polymer used in magic tricks
Dry ice chemistry Is sublimation physical or a chemical reaction?


  • Appropriate for Years 7 to 10 with a maximum of 60 students per class
  • Access to 1 electrical power socket and 3 tables
  • Chairs are not required
  • Duration 60 minutes, set up time 60 minutes and pack up time 60 minutes
  • We need 15 minutes to re-stock the materials between shows
  • The ability to turn off smoke alarms for some experiments

For us to provide the best possible learning experience, the materials used during the presentation may be varied to suit the conditions and the audience. Please chat with our presenter if there is a particular focus that you'd like us to cover.


  • $580 inc. GST per science show performance
  • Available as a video conference at $150 inc. GST per class anywhere in the world
Call 1300 856 828or use this form to inquire or make a booking for your high school.
For schools outside of metropolitan areas please contact us to discuss how this workshop can visit your school as part of a regional visit.

We don't charge per student as we know that this causes an additional administrative load on your school office. Most schools tend to fill the science workshops & shows based on our recommended maximum number of students. If you have any questions please contact us.
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