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Ask a Scientist!

From careers & pathways to burning questions
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  • Students with their hands raised in a school hall
Students with their hands raised in a school hall1

An optional 30-minute discovery session where students can ask their own questions

Often students attend our science workshops and shows with questions that stem beyond the covered topic area. Ask a scientist aims to give students a chance to get their questions answered! This is a highly open-ended conversation, where student's questions drive the content presented. As such the topics can include:

  • How do you become a scientist?
  • What do scientists actually do?
  • What opportunities are there for someone who studies science?
  • I want to know about.... (insert topic here!)

Rather than trying to cram these questions into the end of a given workshop, this format allows students to get a deeper understanding of why STEM is so important and how every industry is influenced by discoveries and research. Available as a primary school science incursion within Australia or as a video conference to any school around the globe!

What schools are saying about our science shows & workshops
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Excellent! The students learned lots and enjoyed the day.
Highly recommended.

Granville Public School; Create a Buzz visit


Australian Curriculum and NSW K to 10 Syllabus Links

Australian National Curriculum Mapping for all our science workshops & shows 

Australian ACARA Content Outcomes:

  • Pose and respond to questions about familiar objects and events (ACSIS014), (ACSIS024) & (ACSIS037)
  • Science involves observing, asking questions about, and describing changes in, objects and events (ACSHE013), (ACSHE021) & (ACSHE034)
  • People use science in their daily lives, including when caring for their environment and living things (ACSHE022) & (ACSHE035)
  • Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships (ACSHE050) & (ACSHE061 )
  • Science knowledge helps people to understand the effect of their actions (ACSHE051) & (ACSHE062)
  • Science involves testing predictions by gathering data and using evidence to develop explanations of events and phenomena and reflects historical and cultural contributions (ACSHE081) & (ACSHE098)
  • Scientific knowledge is used to solve problems and inform personal and community decisions (ACSHE083) & (ACSHE100)
  • With guidance, identify questions in familiar contexts that can be investigated scientifically and make predictions based on prior knowledge (ACSIS053) & (ACSIS064)
  • With guidance, pose clarifying questions and make predictions about scientific investigations (ACSIS231) & (ACSIS232)
Students with hands up in a Fizzics science workshop

NSW Science Syllabus Content 

A student:
  • shows interest in and the enthusiasm for science and technology, responding to their curiosity, questions and perceived needs, wants and opportunities. STe-1VA, ST1-1VA, ST2-1VA & ST3-1VA
  • demonstrates a willingness to engage responsibly with local, national and global issues relevant to their lives, and to shaping sustainable futures. STe-2VA, ST1-2VA, ST2-2VA & ST3-2VA
  • develops informed attitudes about the current and future use and influence of science and technology based on reason. STe-3VA, ST1-3VA, ST2-3VA & ST3-3VA
NSW K - 10 Science Syllabus mapping for all our incursions


  • Appropriate for Years K to 6 with a maximum of 30 students per class. If you have more than 30 students it is likely that not all of the students will have a chance to have their questions answered.
  • Some prior preparation of the students is ideal; consider running students brainstorm their questions and bring these along to the session.
  • Access to 1 electrical power socket, a white screen and a whiteboard. If you have a projector in the room this would be handy too!
  • Chairs are not required.
  • Duration 30 minutes, set up time 5 minutes and pack up time 5 minutes

    For us to provide the best possible learning experience, please chat with our presenter if there is a particular focus that you'd like us to cover.


  • $70 inc. GST for a 30-minute workshop. This is best run as an addition to one of our school science workshops.
  • Minimum school visit cost per day is $440 inc. GST.
  • Available as a video conference at $150 inc. GST per class anywhere around the world.
Call 1300 856 828or use this form to enquire or make a booking for your primary school.

We don't charge per student as we know that this causes an additional administrative load on your school office. Most schools tend to fill the science workshops & shows based on our recommended maximum number of students. If you have any questions please contact us.

For schools outside of metropolitan areas please contact us to discuss how this science workshop can visit your school as part of a regional science visit.
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Extra classroom resources!
Clip circuit primary electricity kit

electrolab clip circuit
  • Series vs parallel circuits & more
  • Safe & robust for classroom use

    forces science kits for sale
Glowing UFO energy ball

ufo energy ball
  • Lights up with skin contact!
  • Demonstrate conductivity

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6 in 1 solar education kit

solar airboat 6 in 1 kit
  • Investigate renewable energies
  • Easy to construct in class

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Teacher's favourite: Pi Mug!

mug pi
  • Ok, it's not a resource but we like it!
  • Show your love of maths :)

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Over 100+ Free Online Science Experiments!

  • Fun science experiments that you can do at class or home! 
  • Use for science projects or lesson plans.
  • Step by step instructions make each science experiment fun, safe, cheap and easy to make.
  • There are also links to good science websites, so teachers, parents and students can use this section as an online science resource. 
  • Of course, the science experiments are highly engaging for all kids! 
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