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Create Your Own Podcast TPL

Create Your Own Podcast TPL

Learn how to podcast with the Fizzics team!

Whether you want to broadcast to your school or set a fun and challenging STEM project for your students, this program will effectively guide you through the ins and outs of creating a custom podcast!

Working with the producers of one of our very own podcasts, Fizzics TWIST, you’ll learn how to record, edit, and publish a high quality product you and your students will be proud of.

  • Suitable for all Primary Teachers and available Australia-wide.
  • Meets the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Designed to build digital literacy & STEM capacity in your school.
  • Highly interactive & hands-on… you will be recording your first podcast as we go!
  • Learn how to use free software to splice together audio clips, remove ‘um’s and ‘ah’s, add music or effects, and finally export a finished audio file!

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What do participants do?

Learn the basics of podcasting

  • What is a podcast anyway and why are they so popular?
  • Learn about the different types of podcasts and the strengths and weaknesses of each format.
  • Why should you and your students create a podcast?


Record, edit, and publish

  • Download free audio editing software
  • Record your first audio using an external microphone or the one built in to your computer
  • Cut out mistakes (‘um’s and ‘ah’s)
  • Stitch together different audio sections
  • Add music or effects to your podcast
  • Export your finished podcast as a .mp3 file

Publish your brand new podcast

  • Select a podcast distribution platform
  • Upload, name, and publish your podcast!

AITSL Standards

  • 2.1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the concepts, substance and structure of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area.
  • 3.3 Include a range of teaching strategies.

Supporting the National STEM School Strategy 2016 – 2026

In 2015, all Australian education ministers agreed to the National STEM School Education Strategy 2016–2026, which focuses on foundation skills, developing mathematical, scientific and digital literacy, and promoting problem-solving, critical analysis and creative thinking skills. The strategy aims to coordinate current activities and improve STEM education. Fizzics Education has created this Teacher Professional Learning opportunity to help address the five action areas highlights by the Strategy;

  1. Increasing student STEM ability, engagement, participation and aspiration.
  2. Increasing teacher capacity and STEM teaching quality.
  3. Supporting STEM education opportunities within school systems
  4. Facilitating effective partnerships with tertiary education providers, business and industry
  5. Building a strong evidence base

By addressing these five action areas teachers will be able to contribute to addressing two overall goals of the strategy;

Goal 1

  • Ensure all students finish school with strong foundational knowledge in STEM and related skills

Goal 2

  • Ensure that students are inspired to take on more challenging STEM subjects.


Designed to support Digital Technologies in the Australian Curriculum


Appropriate for up to 6 sites with 4 teachers at each site – why not invite other schools to form a mini-PLN?

A computer for each site.

Any external equipment you may have (e.g. microphone).

An enthusiasm for learning!

This program can be run via DART Conferencing or in person in the Sydney area.

During Social Distancing – Contact us
and we’ll tailor a program to suit both your school and the State’s social distancing requirements. Further details here

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Contact us so we can tailor this program to suit your needs and budget.

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