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Dinosaur Party

Have a roaring great time!

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  • T-Rex replica skeleton lying on the floor
  • Horseshowe crab fossil replicas
  • Megalodon, Spinosaurus and Edmontosaurus teeth
T-Rex replica skeleton lying on the floor1 Horseshowe crab fossil replicas2 Megalodon, Spinosaurus and Edmontosaurus teeth3
parasaurolophus replica

Prehistoric party fun!

  • Cast your own fossils and dig out replica dinosaur bones
  • Put together replica a dinosaur skeleton; it's a race to the finish!
  • Make disgusting dinosaur snot....eeeewwwwww.....
  • Search through sand to find tiny fossils in the sediment
  • Feel replica dinosaur teeth, hold replica dinosaur eggs and rub replica dinosaur skin and more!
  • Includes access to free science experiments emailed every month!

Designed from experience

Our parties have been designed by experienced science teachers and communicators to make sure that the balance is right; cool experiments that they don't normally see at school and all the fun stuff that you would see at a science toy store!

Plus we've run 1000's of science parties since 2004 so all experiments have been completely tried and tested. With all the great feedback we've had, you're child is sure to have a blast!


What parents are saying about our science parties 
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We just wanted to thank your company for a wonderful, professional and well delivered 5 year old birthday party! My son and all his friends had a ball….I am sure some of the mums there will be booking in very soon!. It was a wonderful day. Thanks so much.

K. Roughly, Penrith


Inspiring kids since 2004!

feeding a triceratops replica!
trex dinosaur puzzle

Dinosaur party activities

Available in Sydney. Melbourne, Canberra and surrounding districts

Dinosaur Party Duration

The basic party program runs for 1 hour, however we can run science experiments for up to 90 minutes depending if you wish to add a cool liquid nitrogen show to the party (ages 7 and up).


There's a lot to keep them busy! The activities chosen by our presenter will be selected based on your average age attending, the number of children and the actual site of the party itself.

Dinosaur dig out Organise your team to excavate specimens
Finding forams Use microscopes to look at tiny fossils of marine organisms
Sounding out Listen to how one of 'duck-billed' dinosaurs sounded!
Dan the Duck Bill Replica of a Parasaurolophus skull.
Dino Eggs What did they really look like?
Dino rubbings Make rubbings of dinosaurs to take home
Dinosaur snot! Yuck! Gross! Gooey dinosaur snot!
Sands of Time Look at how sedimentation helps to form fossils
Scaly skin Compare modern animal skins to the replica dinosaur skin
Dinosaur snap You've got to know your dinosaurs here!
Casting creatures Makes casts of ancient organism impressions
Missing link Check out the Archaeopteryx.
Talking Teeth Work out which teeth belong to which dinosaur

Optional dinosaur party invitations 

Priced at $0.66 each, these science party invitations certainly set the mood!

Fizzics dinosaur science party cartoon invitation

Real parent feedback from our science parties

Australian Small Business Champion for Educational Servicestop 100 coolest company CILC Pinnacle AwardAustralian Science Teachers Association



*Some science experiments may be varied depending on the age of the attending kids


  • Dependent upon how many staff are required and your location.
  • Dependent on when you wish to have the party.
  • We don't charge per child for a science party.
  • Recommended for up to 20 children (only needs 1 staff member)
  • Maximum number is 30 children (requires 2 staff).
  • We've had awesome feedback over the years from thousands of science parties! 
Call 1300 856 828or use this form to inquire or make a booking for your site.
For sites outside of metropolitan areas please contact us to discuss how this science party can visit you.

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  • More fossil science to do after the dinosaur party
  • Great for those take home treats!
science kits for sale
Kids science party FAQ's
gross slime
  • What happens if it rains?

  • Are science parties fun?

  • Can I run a kids party at home?

  • Are girls interested? Plus more...

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Decorative ideas for a science party
science party decorative ideas
  • Ideas to make a "mad scientist lab" at home!

  • Extra party games that kids can do

  • Suggestions for party loot bag fillers

  • Party cake ideas kids love

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Science party venue ideas
Teaching electricity
  • Ideas to run a party if you can't do it at home

  • Can we run it at your local community center?

  • What to look for in a hired hall

  • Advantages in running the party at home

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Parent testimonials & feedback
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  • Comments from a large variety of parties

  • They're great, rain, hail or shine!

  • Consistently positive since 2004

  • Collected after every kids party

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Over 100+ Free Online Science Experiments!

  • Fun science experiments that you can do at class or home! 
  • Use for science projects or lesson plans.
  • Step by step instructions make each science experiment fun, safe, cheap and easy to make.
  • There are also links to good science websites, so teachers, parents and students can use this section as an online science resource. 
  • Of course, the science experiments are highly engaging for all kids! 
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