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Augmented reality in the classroom

Augmented reality in the classroom

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There are so many ways to incorporate augmented reality in the classroom! Augmented reality, also known as AR, is where a device overlays a digital image or animation over the top of a users view of the world. With a simple app download and a device in hand, your students can be exploring all manner of STEM concepts and have a blast in the process. So with this in mind, which apps have been teachers using lately? Well, what better way than to hear from teachers themselves! There is a fantastic PLN on Twitter called primarySTEMchat that led a brilliant chat last week on AR in the classroom. The ideas were easily applicable for both primary and secondary learners (and to be honest, higher ed too!). This particular chat was hosted by Clare Seldon and Rachael Lehr.  Teachers from across Australia and beyond contributed how they’ve incorporated augmented reality into their STEM classrooms. Below are some of their responses!

Firstly, which AR apps have teachers been using?

So, what hardware do you need for AR in the classroom?

One of the cool things I’ve seen is connecting an XBox Kinect to a data projector and then focussing it over a sandbox. With some coding in an AR platform, you can create the illusion of flowing water down channels that you create as you move the sand around! t

A sandbox lit up by a projector and a person moving the sand and watching the projected water flow down the channel
Augmented reality sandbox at ISTE 2015

Of course, just throwing AR into the classroom just won’t cut it. There needs to be a reason for doing it!

Why use Augmented reality in the classroom?


So, what are your thoughts? How have you been using augmented reality in your classroom? If you haven’t tried it yet, try downloading just one of the apps mentioned above and have a play with it. Your students could do the same and you all could explore together! No matter how you use AR, as long as it helps enhance the students learning you’re on the right track!

Want to know more about #primarySTEMchat? Listen to the founder Rachael Lehr here!

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