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Fizzics Science Parties

>20 hands on science experiments

Gigantic bubbles

Slime making

Professional science show

Gooey science activities

Make fake wounds & blood

Disgusting fake vomit & snot

More on the horrible human body!

Fantastic party with a difference!

Learn to easily program a robot

Complete ability-based challenges

Team-based and lots of fun :)

Eat yummy ice-cream!

See fantastic museum demos

Clouds of fog at your place

Learn about your world

Launch rockets!

Make 'Alien' slime!

Discover how spaceships work

All about our cosmos and more

Handle real fossils & make your own!

Recreate your own dinosaur dig

Discover Australia's own dinos

Create dinosaur snot and more!

Crime scene investigation!

Interpret clues to solve a mystery

Analyse the evidence

Become a super sleuth!

Designed for younger kids

Hands on science experiments

Slime making

Professional science show

Dress up as a scientist at your science party! Kid-sized lab coats that you can either hire or buy. Check them out!

Science party bags for a Fizzics science party! Filled with extra experiments for the kids to do once the science party is finished. Check them out!

Let's get COLOURFUL in this chemistry-themed science party!
Kids make their own vibrant creations AND explore the science that makes them work :)

An awesome science show for kids parties!
Designed for 30 kids from 5 years and up... they love it!

Live virtual science parties run by experienced distance educators! Fun, safe and perfect for kids from ages 5 and up. Make your child's day special online

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