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Liquid Nitrogen Show!

Liquid Nitrogen Show!

Museum demonstrations & yummy ice-cream at your party!
Available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Canberra


We can make your ice-cream instantly using liquid nitrogen!

Fantastic science demonstrations using liquid nitrogen rarely seen in class performed by our experienced science communicators. Have a real scientist at your science party! Science demonstrations at your party include:

  • Popping cans and liquid nitrogen sprinklers.
  • Explore gas expansion and balloon contraction, plus freeze plant material.
  • Hammer in nails with a banana or blue tack!
  • Frozen bubbles and cryogenic elephant’s toothpaste!
  • Laser light beam through condensation clouds (venue dependent).
  • Eat instant liquid nitrogen ice-cream plus more!

For ages 5 years and up. Includes access to free science experiments emailed every month!

Science parties designed from experience

Why can we do these science experiments? Our presenters aren’t your average party hosts!
Our science parties have been designed by experienced science teachers and communicators to make sure that the balance is right; cool experiments that they don’t normally see at school and all the fun stuff that you would see at a science toy store!

Plus we’ve run 1000’s of science parties since 2004 so all experiments have been completely tried and tested. With all the great feedback we’ve had, you’re child is sure to have a blast!

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Science Show Demonstrations

Safety of cryogenic substances

Liquid Nitrogen is - 196˚C, so what equipment must be used?

Fog breath

Is water present in your breath? It looks like Dragon's breath!

The shrinking balloon

What happens to gases when rapidly cooled?

Balloon blow up

Blowing balloons up from the outside! Transferring heat energy.

Lid launcher

Expanding gases have a lot of force - why can this be a problem?

The flying glove

Heating gases causes rapid expansion!

Ball smasher

Why can rubber shatter? Lets check with a tennis ball!

Banana hammer

Can plant material survive instant freezing?

Liquid Nitrogen sprinkler!

Rapid expansion of Nitrogen can be utilised... it's really fast!

Frozen bubbles

Bubbles can give clues about our changing environment.

Leidenfrost effect

Rapidly boiling liquids can hover over surfaces… how?



Extend the party or as a stand alone show

Available in Sydney & Melbourne plus surrounding areas

Show Duration

The liquid nitrogen show can either be run either as a 45-minute show by itself or as an extension to our other science parties.

A cloud of liquid nitrogen vaur on a deask with a science presenter Nitrogen pour

Feedback on the Liquid Nitrogen Science Party

Party Loot Bags!

Heaps of party bag fillers to choose from our store!

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We can bring the loot bags to you!

Ordering is simple; just let us know how many you need and we’ll organise them to be brought out to your party on the day.
Two versions below

Science party bag with experiments

Birthday party bag with science materials

1 x Magic Crystal Tree
1 x Fireworks glasses
1 x Pencil pack
4 x Colouring in Pages
1 x Keyring
1 x Sticker

Cost: $9.95 save $5!

Science party bag with colouring materials

Birthday party bag with colouring materials

1 x Pencil pack
4 x Colouring in Pages
1 x Keyring
1 x Sticker

Cost: $5.95

Science Party Review

K. Montgomery, Lindfield:

We really wanted to thank your company for the wonderful job that you did at my son's 7th birthday party last weekend. The presenter did a terrific job; the 7 year old's were just fascinated with everything he said and showed them. It has really inspired a lot of them. I have had so many Mums and Dad's come up to me in the last week relaying conversations that they had with their children about the science experiments. The slime, the bubbles, the liquid nitrogen, the explanations about the composition of the air we breathe, sounds waves, etc. etc.. was incredible, the parents learnt a lot too! Thank you so much. The party made the day!

Z. Sgangarella, Frenchs Forest:

Thank you for running an outstanding party. My son told us it was even better than he thought and he had high expectations. The other children also raved about it. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.


Recommended for children aged 5 and up.
If you have a younger child, the Budding Scientist Party has been designed specifically for them.

Access to a well-ventilated space.

Adult presence other than our presenter required throughout the show.

Set up time 15 minutes.

Pack up time 15 minutes.

We travel too! Extra costs apply.

Ice-cream contains traces of soy, gluten and dairy. ***Please advise parents of allergen warning***

Additional background information for having a science party

Ideas for complementing a science party

Science party FAQ’S

Science party venue ideas

We're a COVID SAFE Company


Cost $80 inc. GST additional to our 1 hour science parties

Want this show by itself without the hands-on experiments? No problem! This can be a stand-alone show for up to 45 minutes inclusive ice-cream making (Cost $495 inc. GST)

We’ve had awesome feedback over the years from thousands of science parties since 2004!

Optional: You can pay with Afterpay with 4 easy payments. Contact us to find out more.

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