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Science party ideas

Science party ideas

Great ideas parents have used to complement our science parties

    • Turn your home into a ‘mad scientists laboratory’ using simple household items, all you need is imagination and add a bit of fun!


    • Place rubber reptiles, spiders and insects into old glass jars. Fill with coloured water and screw the lid on and you’ve got some colourful biological specimens to look at.



    • Make signs with chalk or your computer depicting beakers, test tubes, ‘danger’ & ‘radiation’ signs. Aluminium foil makes for great space science creations!A black dalek decoration made out of a garbage bin, foam and plungers


    • Cover your walls with fake spider webs and place rubber spiders and snakes throughout the room. We can provide some realistic replicas of redback spiders and sydney funnelwebs from our store.


Science party cakes

    • Over the years we’ve seen so many great cakes. Try making a volcano cake or science beaker cake with dry ice, a radioactive or biohazard sign cake, a rocket cake or even a chemical symbol cake (especially if you can spell their name!)


    • If you have access to dry ice you can make ‘volcano smoke’ as an extra effect – just make the cake so that you can conceal a small cup of water in the volcano crater.


Of course, we usually run the science party for you but our free science experiment section has over 100 science party ideas that can help to expand the party further, just pick what you feel comfortable with. If you need help in running your own science party, just contact us and we’ll help out where we can!

Science party games after our science party program


  • Make an Egyptian Mummy using toilet paper, the winning group takes all!


  • Who can walk across bubble wrap without making it pop? Think about spreading your weight!


  • Use suction through straws to move Smarties or M&M’s from one bowl to another.


  • Tie a rope between two trees and then tie cinnamon donuts to the rope with string. Have the kids explore their dexterity…who can eat their doughnut first with their hands behind their back?


  • Archaeology…place creepy spider toys into a jelly cup per child. Dig it out with a spoon!Be careful though of a choking hazard if you have young children attending.


  • Give name tags to children at the start of the party, each with a chemical element symbol clearly showing eg, ‘Au is the symbol for Gold’. Place a periodic table chart on a wall … what’s your symbol?

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