Party Requirements

Party Requirements

Party Requirements

Featured Science Parties

Party Requirements

>20 hands on science experiments

Gigantic bubbles

Slime making

Professional science show

Party Requirements

Fantastic party with a difference!

Learn to easily program a robot

Complete ability-based challenges

Team-based and lots of fun :)

Party Requirements

Gooey science activities

Make fake wounds & blood

Disgusting fake vomit & snot

More on the horrible human body!

    • Most of our science parties are appropriate for 5 to 12-year-old children.


    • Older children can be accommodated with a liquid nitrogen showLego robotics or forensics party. In general, most science parties require a large room cleared of removable furniture with a clear floor area for the children to sit comfortably. A garage or carport is often the best alternative. An outside area for the hands-on science, dinosaur and space parties is needed, preferably grassed to avoid a slipping hazard. This is especially important for a gross science party as this party is quite messy.


    • We can run the entire party outside, however, please ensure that an alternative venue is available in case of poor weather eg. a friends garage or similar if your home does not suit. We will adjust the party content on a wet weather day so that the kids still have a fantastic time regardless of conditions and being indoors. It’s worth mentioning to attending families to wear old clothes too!
      Here are some FAQ’s to help you too 🙂


    • The best number for any party, regardless of theme, is between 10 and 15 children.


    • Remember to be SunSmart and choose a shaded area – kids rarely bring their hats to a science party!


    • We provide all of the tables. Chairs are not required, in most cases they just get in the way.


  • A sink with running water close by helps with cleaning up.
    • Please be realistic in terms of the number of children attending. As the majority of our parties are hands-on, children require access to the equipment as well as access to our staff members for scientific explanations. The general limit for one staff member is 20 children, whereas two staff members can handle 30 children effectively. If you want to cater for a large party, the liquid nitrogen show by itself is the one for you. Don’t forget to include siblings, they will join in too!


  • Once we have determined the appropriate number of staff to attend your party, please don’t invite additional children on top of the discussed numbers. Despite common perceptions, having additional children over the recommended capacity does not create ‘value per child’; often it decreases the experience for all attending children.