Science party FAQs with Fizzics Education

Science party FAQs

Science party FAQs

Are science parties fun?

That’s what birthday parties are all about! Birthday parties are times when children are most active. However, children get bored easily and so need many activities to keep them busy.

Our parties utilise experiments that captivate children of all ages, where their fascination as to ‘how things work’ keeps them more than occupied. Often adults are compelled to join in when their child brings an experiment to them with a smile on their face! We combine accessible experiments seen in science toy stores and classrooms with ‘wow’ experiments we run at hundreds of schools a year.

Our presenters are constantly assessed by teachers, parents and peers, with feedback being provided daily. They are well practised in gauging audience reactions and utilise humour, anecdotes and memorable demonstrations to reach children. Above all – we like what we do and it shows!

Find out about our party requirements here

What controls are there for COVID-19?

Our staff are science educators and are well aware of & trained in the correct procedures in managing safety for visits with students. The measures we have in place to look after your staff and students are:

  • No staff member will attend your site if they exhibit symptoms as identified by the Australian Government Department of Health, or have been overseas or in contact with known or suspected cases of COVID-19
  • All staff members carry their own hand sanitiser and will sanitise their hands-on entry to your site and periodically during the visit.
  • All our materials are disinfected appropriately both before and after visiting each site as well as after each presentation on your site.
  • All of our workshops have been adapted for reduced numbers and for adherence to the 1.5 meter social distancing rule.
  • Our staff have also completed the Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 infection control training

Find out about our party requirements here

Are the activities in science parties safe?

Of course! All presenters of Fizzics Education Pty Ltd hold at the very least 2 years of a B.Sc, with the majority also holding teaching and/or science communication qualifications. Each presenter has experience in presenting science programmes in a variety of settings and performance appraisals by teachers and parents are routinely submitted to our office. We have never had an incident after running over 1000 science parties!

Each employee is screened by the ‘Working with Children Checks’ administered by each State. This includes a full background check as required by the following legislation:

NSW: Child Protection (Working with ChildrenAct 2012

VIC:  Working with Children Act 2005

ACT: Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011

The background check also covers federal and state criminal records and relevant Apprehended Violence Order checks. You can also meet our team here.

Our programs adhere to the ‘Chemical Safety in Schools’ document that is administered by NSW Department of Education and Training. This document governs all chemical activities that occur in schools and educational institutions from years K to 12 and specifies who can demonstrate chemical reactions and under which circumstances.

Fizzics Education Pty Ltd is fully insured, with $20 million dollars (AUD) in public liability insurance.

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What happens if it rains?

As we run hundreds of parties a year, it’s bound to rain during a couple of them. The only activities that need to be run outdoors are the messy ones such as bubbles and slime making. On booking, we always check that you have considered having a covered area such as a garage, lounge room or veranda as a backup. Having a covered area to use is a wise choice anyway, as hot windy days can be uncomfortable for the children. When it rains the covered area becomes the focus of the party, whereby we make sherbet that children can eat and extend the science show instead of the bubbles and slime. The rest of the program remains the same.

The gross party is the only party that needs to be adjusted during a rain event due to the mess requiring the need to run this party outside. In this case, we usually run a hands-on science party instead or simply run experiments in a suitable indoor area on a tarp.

Find out about our party requirements here

Are science parties messy?

Not as much as you could imagine! We present hundreds of parties a year and so the programs must be able to be run without damaging or staining people’s homes. Bubbles and slime are run outdoors for obvious reasons, however, the majority of the program can be run on the carpet if necessary.

All materials used are non-toxic and do not stain furniture, carpet or clothes. If this is still a concern, we can make sherbet instead of bubbles and slime – just know that experience has shown that children prefer the tactile experience of making slime! Here are some ideas if you can’t run the science party at your home.

Find out about our party requirements here

Are girls interested?

Absolutely! Both boys and girls are interested in how the world works. hands-on is especially apparent for children under 12 years regardless of gender, where concrete learning is predominant. Concrete learning is typified by the need to manipulate and explore the world using touch. Our hands on activities are designed to stimulate interest in science for both genders and as such we rarely notice a difference between boys and girls parties.

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Can you run a party for children younger than the stated age?

Yes we can but the workshop or show will most likely have to be adjusted to suit the children’s ability. Young children have limits; their attention span, their prior understanding and their fine motor skills. We employ science educators so that we can adjust most parties to suit the children’s needs but going outside of the suggested ages can risk the children either not understanding some of the concepts or physically being incapable of using the equipment. In general, the hands-on science party, and dinosaur party are better suited for young children but in some cases have had to be shortened or have experiments substituted.

Our age guidelines are described in each party so that your guests have a great time and that your party booking runs smoothly as described. Having only a couple of your attending guests younger than the rest of the children generally does not present an issue. As always, please contact us if you have questions!

Find out about our party requirements here

Can you run a science party at a park?

No, unfortunately, we have found over the years that there are too many variables that cannot be controlled to guarantee that this will be a successful party to our standards.

If you don’t have venue, we recommend checking your local council website, church halls, scout groups, your friend’s garage, and effectively any site that fit within our birthday party requirements (see these on each party page).

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What are our costs for a science party?

Easy! Please click on this link and then click on the science party that you’re interested in.

  • Desktop computer:
    All of the prices are found in the bottom right-hand corner of each science party, with details on the numbers and ages of children that can attend
  • Phone:
    Scroll the bottom of each party type and you’ll see the prices listed there.

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