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Blowing stuff up for MAAS!

Blowing stuff up for MAAS!

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Earlier this year we were invited to the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences for Éxplode it With Science, part of the 2015 Sydney Science Festival. The Sydney Science Festival is a collaborative event organised on behalf of Inspiring Australia and features a variety of science education speakers, workshops & shows for the public to enjoy during National Science Week in August

Here’s the highlights from the stage show tick tick BOOM!, run at MAAS (formerly known as the Powerhouse Museum). We especially like the ping pong ball explosion 🙂

Of course, apart from destroying things there was a point to the show in regards to how pressure actually works. Still, it’s hard not to have fun when things are going BANG! We had an absolute blast (pun intended) and look forward to blowing more stuff up in the name of science next year.

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