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Running dinosaur science at Australia Zoo

Running dinosaur science at Australia Zoo

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The Fizzics team in QLD were so excited to be invited to join the celebrations at Australia Zoo on 1st December. Not only were we celebrating Bindis’ awesome win of the US Dancing with the Stars (how amazing was she?!), but it was Robert Irwin’s 12th birthday!

  • Australia Zoo front sign
  • Australia Zoo in Beerwah, QLD

If you didn’t already know, Robert is mad for anything dinosaur-related so of course proper palaeontological fun was had by all. Dinosaurs roamed the zoo (friendly ones you could pat of course :D), clay modelling of your favourite dinosaur and of course plenty of croc action as you’d expect from Australia Zoo… after all they too are prehistoric and have not changed much for millions of years! There was even a real-life palaeontologist to test Robert’s dino knowledge….which was incredible in case you were wondering 🙂

We packed the Fizzics ute with as many fossils as we could fit in the back as well as all of the ingredients to make A LOT of dino snot… just ’cause we can. To make the day more special, we brought along sauropod replica bones from Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum so we could discuss QLD’s own ancient fossil heritage. Throughout the day people visited us to learn about real fossil preparation techniques plus participate in unearthing fossil specimens just like would happen in a dinosaur dig.

  • sweeping sand away from fossil moulds
  • Digging for dinosaur bones through sand

By the end of the day, we had unearthed hundreds of Trilobites sp. , Ammonites sp and Megaladon sp. teeth. The final tally of dinosaur snot stood at almost 300 CUPS!!!!!! Almost as much as if a real dinosaur had sneezed! Running school dinosaur workshops are fun, but it was certainly fun to let our hair down for this event.


  • Dinosaur & science kits & toys

Thank you Robert and Australia Zoo for inviting us to the party! The Fizzics team in QLD had a truly awesome time 😀

Until next time!

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