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General Physics Trivia

General Physics Trivia

They dry out from the surrounding air and the remaining surface tension of the water tears the bubble apart.
The energy of the Universe is constant; it can neither be created or destroyed but only transferred and transformed.
White. Adding all colours of light together is called colour addition, while adding all colours of paint together is called colour subtraction.
No, at least not using everyday paper. NB: We've had some feedback about this one. The 'Mythbusters' show did try this and get 8 folds, however this required a paper sheet the size of a football field and further folding required a steamroller! Check this link. Of course, this is a Wikipedia stub and as such needs further verification on its statements. We've followed the stated instructions and only achieved a "7 fold" a couple of times. For most cases it really isn't possible.​​​​​​​
Merino wool fibres are wavy, not straight. Wavy wool traps air which is an excellent insulator. This trapped air can be heated by the body. 'Fine' wool fibres have 12 repeating waves for every cm, whereas 'coarse' wool fibres have less than 2 waves per cm. Merino wool can be 'super fine', making an awesome material for warm sweaters
True. Metals expand as they are heated, and this can cause metal structures to stretch with temperature changes.
The ‘sound barrier’ refers to the speed of sound and breaking it means travelling faster than sound itself. It was first broken in 1947.
There is only one - pumice. However, once water enters into the rock itself it will then sink.
The speed of light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 metres per second (lets call this 300,000,000 metres per second as an approximation!). However, as the density of a material increases so does its refractive index (which in turn affects the speed of light in that material). In this case, air is less dense than water and does not slow light down as much as water does. In short, light is faster in air than in water.
False. That is mass! Weight is actually the force of gravity on an object. Our weight on Earth is how much force the Earth's gravity has on us and how hard it is pulling us. So if we use the same scales to measure our weight on Earth and on Mars, it will show different numbers (60 kg vs 22.7 kg), but our mass will stay the same.
Centripetal force. This keeps you moving in a circular motion instead of you being flung out of the curved path of motion.
True: When an object is massive enough it’s gravity can pull in light faster than the light can escape. These objects are called black holes.
The masseter in your jaw. When an adult bites down hard, they can exert a force of 90N on their back teeth. That’s like sitting a 90kg weight on your molars!
Strong nuclear force. It's 6 thousand trillion trillion trillion (that's 39 zeroes after 6!) times stronger than the force of gravity.
False. There are forces that do not require the objects to touch in order to act on them, these are called non-contact forces. E.g. magnetic forces.

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