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Budding Scientist Party

Budding Scientist Party


The science party specially made for 4 to 6 year olds!

Have a blast with fun experiments hand-picked by science educators for young kids.
It’s all about getting hands-on with heaps of age-appropriate science toys & creating gooey slime

Real science presenters + the best science experiments for kids = Awesome Fun!

Budding scientist parties are designed from experience

Our kids science parties have been designed by experienced science teachers and communicators to make sure that the balance is right; cool experiments that they don’t normally see at school and all the fun stuff that you would see at a science toy store!

Plus we’ve run 1000’s of kids science parties since 2004 so all experiments have been completely tried and tested. With all the great feedback we’ve had, your child is sure to have a blast!

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Science Show Demonstrations

Make gooey slime!

Kids love slime, lets learn how this safe version works

Expand a mega Hoberman sphere

A ball that gets bigger than the kids? Kids love it!

Shooting vortex fog rings

Fog rings the size of a dinner plate. Awesome :)

Fly eye scopes

Learn how insects see

Rainbow glasses

Discover how white light splits into rainbows

Tornado in a bottle

Swirl the bottles to make tornadoes

X-ray sleuth

Can they identify the animals?

Floating illusion

How do these plastic mirrors do this?

Magnets, compasses & iron filings

Explore magnetism in full detail

Frog flip out

Make the frogs jump!

Balancing birds

How do these work?

Magnifier jars

Look at tiny things up close!

Music boxes

Make the gears & spokes create music


Highly colourful & always a hit

Demo - Newton colour wheel

Spin the rainbows to learn more about light

Available in Sydney & Melbourne districts

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What do the kids get to do?

Its all about getting hands-on with science toys that 4 to 6 year olds love!
This science party has been designed to delight younger audiences, with the main focus being a large variety of science toys on tables for children to explore and learn from. There is also a professional science show run by an experienced science presenter and we make slime that’s safe young kids to boot!

For up to 20 kids with 1 presenter or up to 30 kids with two presenters.

Science Party Duration

The budding scientist party runs for 1 hour.

Optional Extras!

Optional hands-on science party invitations

Priced at $0.66 each, these science party invitations certainly set the mood!


Optional – Dress up as a scientist with these kids lab coats!

  • Medium size lab coat suits most kids aged 5 to 10 years old
    Chest: 48cm
    Sleave: 45cm
    Length: 71cm
  • Polyester/cotton mix
  • Costume use only


  • For $5 per lab coat you can hire 30 lab coats when booking our kids science parties. We’ll organise them to be brought out to your party on the day! NB: These kids lab coats will be washed and clean, however, please expect some potential marks on them as they are coats for hire.


Party loot bags!

Heaps of party bag fillers to choose from our store!

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We can bring the loot bags to you!

Ordering is simple; just let us know how many you need and we’ll organise them to be brought out to your party on the day.
Two versions below

Science party bag with experiments

Birthday party bag with science materials

1 x Magic Crystal Tree
1 x Fireworks glasses
1 x Pencil pack
4 x Colouring in Pages
1 x Keyring
1 x Sticker

Cost: $9.95 save $5!

Science party bag with colouring materials

Birthday party bag with colouring materials

1 x Pencil pack
4 x Colouring in Pages
1 x Keyring
1 x Sticker

Cost: $5.95

Science Party Review

N. Rickard, Greensborough:

Absolutely brilliant and the kids loved it! How easy was this was for us! All we had to do was provide a space and some food, Fizzics did everything else to make this such a memorable party. Everything was fantastic/entertaining and just the right length. Presenter was brilliant, thanks so much!

D. Shacklock, St Huberts Island:

I was very impressed by your party, it was wonderful and well worth the money. I was happy with the presenter, he was very courteous, professional, great with the kids and was 10 minutes early ... thanks so much for the continual correspondence which was great and actually going to the effort of coming up to the central coast---- my son had a great day and I cant say enough about how professional and great the presenter was.


For ages 4 to 6. Parents & carers must be nearby to help with younger children

Our qualified science presenter will bring all tables and experiments.

Generally a garage, veranda or reasonably sized lounge room will work well.

An outside area for slime making.

Access to running water, a covered area in case of rain and 2 towels.

We will need access to electrical power to run the vortex fog rings.

Chairs are not required.

Duration 60 minutes. Set up time and pack up time 30 minutes.

Additional background information for having a science party

Ideas for complementing a science party

Science party FAQ’S

Science party venue ideas

We're a COVID SAFE Company


We don’t charge per child for a science party.

For science parties up to 20 children in a private venue

– One staff member required.
– $395 inc. GST on a weekend and during school holidays

For science parties up to 30 children in a private venue

– Two staff members required
– $660 inc. GST

We travel too! Extra costs apply.

Recommended for up to 20 children (only needs 1 staff member)
Maximum number is 30 children (requires 2 staff).

We’ve had awesome feedback over the years from thousands of science parties!

Optional: You can pay with Afterpay with 4 easy payments. Contact us to find out more.

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